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Young Adult -- Prove It! The Catholic Teen Bible

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    Dear List Members, As the parent of teenagers, I am terribly disappointed in the choices that my library offers in the young adult section. Don t even get me
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2005
      Dear List Members,

      As the parent of teenagers, I am terribly disappointed in the choices that my
      library offers in the young adult section. Don't even get me going or we'll
      be here all day! Let's just say that if they spent as much time and
      consideration into their book selection as they do in picking out the matching bean
      bags in the teen section, the world would be a better place!

      Whew! I feel better now that's off my chest.

      I am going to concentrate on young adult selections for a while now. I
      beseech you, even if you do not have teens in your home and have no interest in
      ever, ever reading a young adult title, please request them anyway!!! Either
      make a request online, or print out my emails and take them with you to the
      library on your next visit (as recommended by my friend Nancy Brown) to make a
      request in person. Your patron request may change the life of a teenager, for the

      Now for today's recommendation:

      Title: Prove It! The Catholic Teen Bible - NAB
      Author: Amy Welborn
      Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor, Indiana
      Date Published: Sept. 2004
      ISBN: 1592760783
      Price: Softcover $14.95
      Comments: The NAB (Catholic version) with inserts by Amy Welborn

      from amazon.com:
      Editorial Reviews

      About the Author
      Amy Welborn is a columnist and book reviewer for Our Sunday Visitor. She is
      the author of many books, including the Prove It! series for teens, books on
      prayer, saints, and guides for studying Scripture. She holds a master of arts in
      Church history from Vanderbilt University.

      Product Description:
      Sometimes the answers aren’t enough. Sometimes you want to know why they’re
      the answers.
      Any Bible can answer questions. This is the one that explains why those
      answers are the answers.
      The answers to what? To the questions you’ve been asking your parents, your
      teachers, your friends … yourself. What’s life all about and where do I fit
      in? What’s my life all about, and where do God, family, friends, and all the
      rest fit in? How do I know God even exists, and what do the life and death of
      Jesus have to do with me right here, right now? If God loves us all, why should I
      bother taking my Catholicism seriously? If all religions are pretty much the
      same, why be a Catholic at all?
      Here is the inspired Word of God. Here is what God has revealed to us about
      himself simply because he loves us so much. Here is what the Catholic Church
      teaches about the Bible and Tradition and why it teaches those things. Why the
      Bible matters not just in the life of the Church but in your life. Here is how
      to read the Bible – how to understand, to "de-code," what its authors were
      saying to their particular audiences thousands of years ago. How to truly hear
      what the Holy Spirit is saying to you today.
      "The Bible matters?" Yes. "Prove it!" That’s exactly what this book does as
      it takes a frank and honest look at God, Jesus, Church, prayer … and you.

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