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Adult: The Da Vinci Hoax

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    I received the following email from a friend of mine: DaVinci Code is so popular, and next year it will be made into a movie. Our library has three copies of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2004
      I received the following email from a friend of mine:
      "DaVinci Code is so popular, and next year it will be made into a movie. Our
      library has three copies of DVC that are never available because they are
      constantly checked out or on hold. However, we have no "debunking" DaVinci type
      books. I suggest that the best one is DaVinci Hoax, by Carl Olsen and Sandra
      Meisel, but whatever one you want to recommend (Amy Welborn has one, Steve
      Kellmeyer has one, too) I think one of them would be good to recommend on your St.
      Nicholas list. Our libraries should tell the truth, too."

      . . . If you go to our archives, you will find info on Welborn's book in
      message #17 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PopeSaintNicholasV/message/17 .

      Here is the Olsen and Meisel book:

      Title: The Da Vinci Hoax: Exposing the Errors in The Da Vinci Code
      Author: Carl E. Olson and Sandra Miesel
      Publisher: Ignatius Press
      Date Published: July, 2004
      ISBN: 1586170341
      Price: Paperback $15.95
      Comments: A critical review of the #1 Bestseller The DaVinci Code

      From amazon.com:
      Editorial Reviews
      Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago
      "The definitive debunking."

      Marvin Olasky, editor of World Magazine
      "A clearly-written antidote."

      Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History and Religious Studies,
      Pennsylvania State University
      "Unlike the original Code, The Da Vinci Hoax is a delight to read."

      About the Author
      Carl E. Olson is the editor of Envoy magazine. Raised in a Fundamentalist
      home, he attended an Evangelical Bible college. Carl entered the Catholic Church
      in 1997 and holds an MTS from the University of Dallas. A well-respected
      author, he has written for First Things, This Rock, Envoy, Crisis, National Review
      Online, Our Sunday Visitor, and National Catholic Register. His bestselling
      book, Will Catholic Be "Left Behind"? (Ignatius, 2003) was selected by the
      Associated Press as one of the best religious titles of 2003. Carl lives with his
      wife and daughter in Eugene, Oregon.
      Sandra Miesel holds masters’ degrees in biochemistry and medieval history
      from the University of Illinois. Since 1983, she has written hundreds of articles
      for the Catholic press, chiefly on history, art, and hagiography. She
      regularly appears in Crisis magazine and is a columnist for the diocesan paper of
      Norwich, Connecticut. Sandra has spoken at religious and academic conferences,
      appeared on EWTN, and given numerous radio interviews. Outside the Catholic
      sphere, she has also written, analyzed, and edited fiction. Sandra and her husband
      John have raised three children.

      Excerpted from The Da Vinci Hoax: The Truth About Jesus, Christianity, Mary
      Magdalene, and the Da Vinci Code by Carl E. Olson, Sandra Miesel. Copyright ©
      2004. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
      The title of this book by Carl Olson and Sandra Miesel says it all. The
      novel, The Da Vinci Code, is engaging and intriguing. It is a thriller presented as
      an historical novel. It is fiction, yet it seeks to convince the reader that
      it is based on fact. It pushes an attack on the Catholic Church and claims to
      do so in the name of historical authenticity and sound scholarship. The claim
      is preposterous, but persuasive for many.
      The authors of The Da Vinci Hoax deserve our gratitude for exposing in
      considerable detail and with sure touch the fabrications of Dan Brown’s book. Theirs
      is the definitive debunking. In the end, the fallacy of Brown’s book is a
      common one. It approaches the Christian faith as though its contents were to be
      found in words and documents rather than in the witness and collective memory
      of the community Christ himself left behind, His Church.
      There have been such writings before and, no doubt, will be again. Why single
      out this novel? I read it because so many people who read it kept asking me
      questions about it. It has had a remarkably large and credulous readership,
      reminding me of the dictum that those who have lost or don’t know the faith are
      likely to believe anything. It matters what we read, what films and television
      we watch. If we feed our minds on error, we risk losing touch with the truth
      about who we are and how we ought to live.
      We find salvation through self-surrender in faith to Christ, not from
      personal ideas or inspirations. Once the anchor of the Church’s authentic witness and
      teaching is abandoned, gnostic or other false theories inevitably appear.
      Antagonism to the Church and her teaching ultimately entails some kind of
      rejection of Jesus Christ as he has revealed himself in history. His truth is always
      a challenge to every egocentric vision of reality and to an unbounded will for
      human autonomy. Besides, does anyone really think that all those martyrs went
      to their deaths to protect the secret that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were
      —Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
      Archbishop of Chicago

      Book Description
      The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown’s best selling novel, purports to be more than
      fiction: it claims to be based on fact and scholarly research. Brown wants his
      readers to believe that he is revealing the long-concealed truth about Jesus,
      Mary Magdalene, and early Christianity, a truth that he says has been
      suppressed by the malevolent and conspiratorial forces of the Catholic Church. The
      novel alleges that there has been throughout history a secret group of true
      followers of a Gnostic Jesus and his wife, Mary Magdalene, the true "Holy Grail".
      Almost everything most Christians and non-Christians think they know about
      Jesus, according to Dan Brown, is completely wrong, the result of Catholic
      propaganda designed to hide the truth from the world.
      But are The Da Vinci Code’s claims fact or just plain fiction? Is the novel
      well-researched as claimed? What is the truth about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and
      the early Church? Has the Catholic Church distorted the real Jesus? Why is the
      novel so popular? What about the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian agenda behind
      the novel?
      Best selling author Carl Olson and journalist Sandra Miesel answer these and
      other important questions. Their painstaking research into The Da Vinci Code
      and its sources reveals some surprising truths. No one who has read or heard
      about The Da Vinci Code should miss this provocative and illuminating new book.

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