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Adult -- Beyond Gay

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    Title: Beyond Gay Author: David Morrison Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor Date Published: Sept. 1999 ISBN: 0879736909 Price: Softcover
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2004
      Title: Beyond Gay
      Author: David Morrison
      Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor
      Date Published: Sept. 1999
      ISBN: 0879736909
      Price: Softcover $14.95
      Comments: A former gay activist explores what it means to be a faithful
      Catholic and homosexual. Hot topic -- will be checked out for years to come.

      From amazon.com:

      Spotlight Reviews

      An Outstanding Book on the Subject, June 23, 2003

      Reviewer: A reader from Flowery Branch, GA USA

      This is a good book. Most books dealing with Christianity and homosexuality
      tend to fall into two groups: ones that try to harmonize the two and others
      that push re-orientation. This book steers a middle course: it doesn't try to
      justify gay sex biblically, and it doesn't take the position that inside every
      homosexual is a heterosexual yearning to burst out. A gay Christian doesn't have
      to choose between Exodus and the Metropolitan Community Church, but it is a
      rare treatment of the subject that acknowledges that.
      This volume is written from a Catholic perspective, which is likely of more
      interest to Catholics, but is not completely lost on others (like me). I didn't
      focus too much on the specific catechism references, and skimmed quickly over
      the chapter on sacraments. The point is that it's not something you have to
      be a Catholic to be able to read.
      The Catholic leadership appears to have a lot better attitude about gays in
      the church than those in some Protestant denominations. The "Always Our
      Children" statement, given in an appendix, is very sensitive and touching, without
      being compromising.
      Much of the book is autobiographical in nature. However, it provides
      information and advice that will be of use to anyone who's gay but who looks at the
      Bible and realizes that gay sex is sinful (no matter how reluctant that
      realization may be). It also has a lot of information that is beneficial for non-gays.

      Meaningful, objective, profound, June 27, 2002

      Reviewer: A reader from Columbus, Ohio USA

      This book was recommended to me by a married friend who believed it was
      essential for both married and unwed couples regardless of sexual orientation. I am
      a Protestant Christian and appreciated David's God given ability to speak the
      truth in love. One may not agree with everything written in this book,
      nonetheless, the book presents a witness to human need for and journey to find true
      authentic intimacy with others and God. Best of all, David does not vilify or
      demonize the opposing sides to the issues surrounding same-sex attraction.
      David writes from a Roman Catholic perspective which I am not very familiar
      with. Yet for me this perspective did not take away from the value of this
      text. After completing this book (which was borrowed from a library)I immediately
      bought four copies to share with clergy and other friends. I praise God for
      David and all who have the courage to speak lovingly and truthfully in difficult

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