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Video/DVD -- The Scarlet and the Black

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  • mwittlans@aol.com
    (Regular emails will begin again in July after I am done with homeschooling conferences.) The recent PopeStNickV poll came back that most of you would like to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2004
      (Regular emails will begin again in July after I am done with homeschooling

      The recent PopeStNickV poll came back that most of you would like to include
      good Catholic videos/DVDs on this list. There are many that are classics, so
      if your library does not carry them yet, they should be open to purchasing
      them. After all, classics never go out of style and will always be checked out
      of the library.

      National Catholic Register is running a poll on favorite Catholic films.
      Check it out at http://www.ncregister.com/ and click on the banner at the top of
      the page. You need to do this before June 20th. After that, visit again to
      vote on the final list. I will use the NCR list and also the Vatican's list of
      45 Great Films to make suggestions to you for your libraries.

      In the meantime, here is one of my all time favorites:
      Title: The Scarlet and the Black
      Starring: Gregory Peck, Christopher Plummer
      Director: Jerry London
      Studio: Lionsgate/Fox
      DVD Release Date: April 22, 2003, ASIN: B00008J2PG
      Video Release Date: October 14, 1992, ASIN: 6302529484
      Price: DVD $14.98
      Comments: True WWII story involving the Vatican and Nazis

      From Amazon.com:

      Excellent true life World War II suspense story!, July 1, 1999

      Reviewer: KMFL90C@... from Lakewood, California, USA

      Gregory Peck and Christopher Plummer give outstanding performances as Monsr.
      Hugh O'Flaherty(Peck) and SS Col. Herbert Kapler(Plummer). The action and
      suspense of the movie keeps it going at a brisk pace. The story follows Peck as a
      Vatican official trying to save Italian Jews and Allied escaped POW's from the
      hands of the German SS. Plummers portrayal as Col. Kapler is both chilling
      and frightening, especially when he personally executes a Catholic priest who
      was caught helping the Resistance. Peck's portrayal of Father O'Flaherty is very
      moving to watch. The intelligence and compassion of this man truly shows
      through and shows how much Father O'Flaherty deserved the awards and decorations
      he received from the Allies after the war. And the ending is very surprising as
      well! It is also a plus having the movie shot in Rome where the actual events
      took place. A truly classic movie. I highly recommend it. --This text refers
      to the VHS Tape edition

      The Scarlet & The Black, September 18, 2003
      Reviewer: A viewer from Rochester Hills, MI USA

      Great Job ... Acting, Location & Story. Its nice to see one more positive
      telling of the Church during the war. Not too many people know that the Chief
      Rabi of Rome during and immediately after the war, Israel Zolii, was so impressed
      by the Christians in Rome who tried to protect Jews from nazi persecution,
      that he was baptised as Catholic shortly after the end of the war. He took for
      his Christian name Eugene ... the same first name as Pope Pius XII, whom he
      especially admired as a friend and protector of Jews. He died as a devout

      One of the best!, June 12, 2003
      Reviewer: debra_gw from USA
      This movie never gets enough credit! This is one of the best war time movies
      ever and with Mr. Peck's passing this is a must see for Peck fans who have not
      seen this movie. Gregory Peck and Christopher Plummer in one of his best
      roles play a cat and mouse game during WW2. The acting is fantastic and there is a
      lot of suspense! A must see!
      One of the few Catholic friendly movies from Hollywood, May 30, 2003
      Reviewer: Jerome Quigley from Bloomfield, Indiana United States
      Exact historical account or not aside, this movie has greatness above any of
      the criticisms that I have read here on Amazon.com. What makes this movie
      great is that from beginning to end it is a marvelous Catholic friendly movie, so
      unlike Hollywood to make. The ending scene and epilog tells it all very
      powerfully. What a tribute to the Church! The pro-Catholic view of the movie is not
      at the expense of Protestantism, so I don't think Protestants would be
      offended in any way. I think that all Christians can love this movie for what it is a
      movie of a historical event that is uplifting as can be. Another triumph of
      love and goodness. Our parish priest a number of years ago, thought so highly
      of this movie that he bought it for everyone in the parish. Do your family a
      favor and buy this tape or DVD. I run the Wayside Shrine Catholic retreat house.
      Everyone of our guests has thought very highly of this film.

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