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The Faithful Traveler

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    It s good to get Catholic titles into many different areas of the library. I d like to feature some video/DVD titles in the upcoming weeks. Please take a few
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2008
      It's good to get Catholic titles into many different areas of the library. I'd like to feature some video/DVD titles in the upcoming weeks. Please take a few minutes to request these titles from your library. You never know what soul your small action may change for the better

      Title: The Faithful Traveler: Philadelphia's Miraculous Medal Shrine
      Directed by: David von Glahn
      Produced by: The Faithful Traveler
      ASIN: 0615219225
      DVD Release Date: July 2008
      Price: $19.95
      Comment: First of a series of travel videos based on shrines and historic churches.
      Amazon Reviews: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0615219225 /catholictreas-20
      Studio Website: www.thefaithfultraveler.com

      I found [The Faithful Traveler] to be an engrossing and well-produced introduction to the history of the devotion to the Miraculous Medal. I believe that there is a market for this kind of catechetical tool, as well as a real need for Catholics to become more familiar with the treasures of their faith. Thank you for your effort. I pray that you will be able to continue to teach via the electronic media. What a wonderful example you are of the Second Vatican Council's call to the laity to bring Christ to the world by means of the arts. I will pray for the success of your apostolate. --Most Reverend Michael J. Sheridan Bishop of Colorado Springs

      Diana's presentation was superbly entertaining and informative without being lofty or overly academic. This show left me with a deeper yearning to understand some of the mystery of our Fai
      th as well as an appreciation for the grace and sacrifice necessary to do God's work. It is my hope that Catholic families everywhere will soon have the opportunity to experience this wonderful and necessary alternative to secular travel programs. --Jim Bello, Author of the One Baby Rose

      I sat back, enjoyed the show and found it to be very uplifting. [The Faithful Traveler] is something needed today for Catholics to be enriched in the rich spiritual tradition of our faith as well as for non-Catholics who want to learn about it. The production is very well integrated giving historical background of the site visited and the lives of the saints and the Catholic traditions connected with the devotion to that particular saint. Diana provides the viewer with insights into the religious communities represented, the art and symbols in the Church and gives a brief review of any important Church teachings connected with the pilgrimage site, such as the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.
      [The Faithful Traveler] has done a wonderful job of providing Catholic viewers with a way to recognize the precious value of so many sites of pilgrimage around the country/world, and to be strengthened in those symbols of our faith that give meaning to our living of it day by day. I think it would be good for adults as well as for Catholic high school students. Diana as a 'tour guide' does a fantastic job. She is very poised, joyful, and gives witness to her own love for our faith. Ever onward! As St. Paul would s
      ay. --Sister Carmen Christi, F.S.P. Vocations Director, Daughters of St. Paul

      About the Actor
      Diana von Glahn has been including shrines, churches, and places of pilgrimage in her travel itineraries for as long as she can remember. As a lifelong Catholic, she has always loved the feeling of home that each Catholic location brings, no matter where it is. Through The Faithful Traveler, she hopes to share her love of these amazing sites with others, and help them learn about the wonders of the Catholic faith and tradition.

      About the Director
      David von Glahn is a graduate of Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Telecommunications and a recent convert to the Catholic faith.

      Product Description
      The Faithful Traveler is a travel show with a Catholic focus. Join the show's host, Diana von Glahn, as she explores shrines and places of pilgrimage throughout the United States. In this, the first DVD in the series, Diana explores Philadelphia's Miraculous Medal Shrine. Featuring music by some of today's hottest Catholic musicians, including Sarah Bauer, John Grassadonia, Popple, Rise, and Christine Wittman!
      When 24-year-old Catherine Labouré entered the Parisian convent of the Daughters of Charity, she had no idea that her faith and perseverance would touch millions of lives for centuries to come. During a late-night encounter with a Heavenly visitor, she was given a mission that would be championed more than eighty years later by Father Joseph Skelly, a newly ordained American priest.

      Find Out What Father=2
      0Skelly Did to Introduce the Medal to Millions Explore the Shrine that Father Skelly built, just outside of Center City Philadelphia. Find out about the Shrine s Masses, novenas, and events, and plan your own Faithful Travels. Learn Why So Many People Wear the Medal Far from being a lucky charm, the Miraculous Medal brings the power of prayer and faith into our lives at every moment. Learn what the images on the medal mean and why people call it miraculous. Extras Include: Footage of the weekly Novena Service A slideshow that explores the amazing artistic details at the Shrine Music by some of today s hottest Catholic musicians Subtitles for the hearing impaired And more!

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