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Church, Ecumenism, & Politics / Happy Birthday B16!

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  • mwittlans@aol.com
    Today is Pope Benedict s 81st birthday. Let s all send him a special gift and ask our public libraries to carry more of his books! Check to see if this title
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2008
      Today is Pope Benedict's 81st birthday. Let's all send him a special gift and
      ask our public libraries to carry more of his books!

      Check to see if this title is already in your library's catalog. If it is,
      put a hold on it and check it out. If not, fill out a patron request form right
      away. This can usually be done online at your library's website.

      Title: Church, Ecumenism, & Politics: New Endeavors in Ecclesiology
      Author: Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)
      Publisher: Ignatius Press
      Date Published: April 2008
      ISBN-10: 1586172174
      ISBN-13: 978-1586172176
      Price: 19.95

      Book Description
      This work features the most discussed topics of the life of the Church,
      treated with unique frankness and depth by the Church's spiritual and theological
      leader. In this collection of essays, theologian Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict
      XVI, tackles three major issues in the Church today--the nature of the
      Church, the pursuit of Christian unity, and the relationship of Christianity to the
      secular/political power.
      The first part of the book explores Vatican II's teaching on the Church, what
      it means to call the Church "the People of God", the role of the Pope, and
      the Synod of Bishops. In part two, Ratzinger frankly assesses the ecumenical
      movement--its achievements, problems, and principles for authentic progress
      toward Christian unity. In the third part of the work, Ratzinger discusses both
      fundamental questions and particular issues concerning the Church, the state and
      human fulfillment in the Age to come. What does the Bible say about faith and
      politics? How should the Church work in pluralistics societies? What are the
      problems with Liberation Theology? How should we understand freedom in the
      Church and in society?
      Beneath a penetrating analysis on these important topics by this brilliant
      teacher and writer, both concise and also surprising, is revealed the passion of
      a great spiritual leader. The result is an exciting and stimulating work,
      which can be provoking, but never boring.

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