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Adult: Memorize the Faith

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    Check to see if this title is already in your library s catalog. If it is, put a hold on it and check it out. If not, fill out a patron request form right
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2006
      Check to see if this title is already in your library's catalog. If it is,
      put a hold on it and check it out. If not, fill out a patron request form right
      away. This can usually be done online at your library's website.

      Title: Memorize the Faith! (and Most Anything Else)
      Author: Kevin Vost
      Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
      Date Published: July, 2006
      ISBN: 1933184175
      Price: 17.95
      Comments: Using the Methods of the Great Catholic Medieval Masters

      From amazon.com,
      Customer Reviews

      Fun and Edifying, September 11, 2006
      Reviewer:M. Campbell
      Being fairly new to the Catholic faith, I love this book. It's not a
      substitute for the Bible and Catechism, but certainly helps with learning the faith.

      I had never heard of the Method Loci and think it is great for memorizing
      lists. It can be applied to any list, whether studying for an exam, going grocery
      shopping, or making a to do list while talking with your boss.

      I agree with another review in that may not be so great with poetry or prose.
      However, he does provide 30 "memory master tips and facts" on the art of
      memorization, which may transfer over to poetry and prose.

      This book is fun to read. The author comes across as brilliant, but has a
      wonderful ability to bring it down to my level. It's the best book I've purchased
      in a long time.

      Title is an exageration, July 28, 2006
      This book is helpful for learning the Method of Loci as a memory tool. It
      will allow you to memorize lists of things, however it does not really help you
      to memorize "Most Anything Else" as the title states. It will not be helpful
      for learning catechism q/a, for example or passages from poetry or prose. It is
      limited. If the title had not been misleading I would have given it 4 stars,
      but as far as memory books go this really is just average and not as far
      reaching as some other books. The method is not an old, lost method as is implied by
      the publishers blurb. Any good website that teaches memorization techniques
      covers exactly what is in this book.

      An unforgettable book!, July 27, 2006
      Reviewer:Rhett Brotherton

      I was somewhat skeptical this book could deliver the claims it made. I had
      read other memory books in the past and was unimpressed with the methods they
      proposed. There seemed to be something missing that kept me from fully realizing
      my potential. This book provided that missing part. I don't want to give away
      what it is but, I can assure, if you apply the methods the author outlines in
      this book you will definitely increase your ability to retain and recall at
      will almost anything you can imagine. It took only two, 45 minutes sessions for
      me to memorize all 73 books of the Bible, in order, and backwards!

      Mr. Vost writes in a breezy style that entertains while informing. His book
      will be especially useful to anyone tasked with teaching others be they child
      or adult. If as a teacher you have struggled for a way to make a dry list or
      technical term memorable, this book will give you everything you need to make
      that happen. I plan on stealing...err... using (wouldn't want to violate the
      seventh commandment) the vivid memory anchors described in this book when
      teaching adult religion classes.

      Some might be turned away by the content Mr. Vost concentrates on, namely the
      basic tenants of the Catholic faith. Don't let it. Even if you are not
      Christian, you should read and apply the methods taught in this book.

      From the publisher:
      "They laughed when I said I could name
      all 27 books of the New Testament . . .
      ...but after I named them all in order,
      plus the 46 books of the Old Testament,
      they begged me to show them how I did it.”

      Yes, I know that memorizing the Faith is no substitute for living a holy
      life, but even devout people can’t live by truths and precepts they don’t
      That’s why, over 700 years ago, St. Thomas Aquinas perfected an easy method
      for his students to memorize most any information, but especially the truths
      taught by Christ and His Church.
      As the years passed, our need for this ancient art of memorization grew, yet
      somehow our culture largely forgot it . . . which is why today, when you and I
      try to remember a list of things, we have to repeat their names over and
      over. Or, to remember to call the dentist, we tie a string on our finger. And we
      clutch at any means whatsoever to recall our passwords for ATMs, credit cards,
      and voicemail, our login names for Yahoo, eBay, and Amazon, and the host of
      other names and numbers that clog our minds and clutter our days.
      Now, thanks to the delightful pages of Memorize the Faith!, you can easily
      keep all these in mind — and learn the Faith! — by tapping into the power of
      the classical memory system that helped St. Thomas become the Church’s
      preeminent theologian, and made it easier for him to become one of its greatest saints.
      Here, Catholic scholar Kevin Vost makes available again Aquinas’s
      easy-to-learn method — the method Dr. Vost himself has used for decades to recall names,
      dates, phone numbers, the first dozen digits of pi (3.141592653589) and even
      whether, when his wife called him at work today, she asked him to bring home
      ice cream and toffee . . . or was it truffles and coffee?
      Indeed, Dr. Vost will teach you to remember virtually anything, but he
      devotes most of his book to showing you how to improve your memory of Catholic
      truths so you can live the Faith better.
      By the time you finish this book, you will have memorized dozens of key
      teachings of the Church, along with hundreds of precepts, traditions, theological
      terms, Scripture verses, and other elements of the Faith that every good
      Catholic needs to know by heart.
      Memory is the foundation of wisdom. It makes holiness easier. To grow wiser
      in the Faith . . . and holier . . . turn to Memorize the Faith! today.
      * * *
      Memorize the Faith! will teach you and your children how to remember
      anything, but it’s particularly useful to those involved in religious education:
      catechists and converts, CCD teachers, RCIA members, and homeschoolers of all ages.
      Here, Dr. Vost and St. Thomas Aquinas show you easy ways to memorize the
      following truths and precepts of our Faith, plus many more:
      The 9 Beatitudes
      The 12 Apostles
      The 7 Virtues
      The 7 Sacraments
      The 4 Last Things
      The 7 Capital Sins
      The 10 Commandments
      The 4 Marks of the Church
      The 14 Stations of the Cross
      The 5 Precepts of the Church
      The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
      The 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit
      The 7 Spiritual Works of Mercy
      The 20 Mysteries of the Rosary
      The 7 Corporal Works of Mercy
      The 10 Holy Days of Obligation
      The 6 Sins Against the Holy Spirit
      The 5 Proofs for the Existence of God
      The 27 Books of the New Testament
      The 46 Books of the Old Testament
      And anything else you want to remember, from the 14 items on your grocery
      list to the birthdays of your 7 nephews and nieces!

      Kevin Vost, Psy. D. (b. 1961) has taught psychology at the University of
      Illinois at Springfield, Lincoln Land Community College, and MacMurray College. He
      is a Research Review Committee Member for American Mensa, which promotes the
      scientific study of human intelligence

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