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Adult -- It Takes a Family

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    Check to see if this title is already in your library s catalog. If it is, put a hold on it and check it out. If not, fill out a patron request form right
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2005
      Check to see if this title is already in your library's catalog. If it is,
      put a hold on it and check it out. If not, fill out a patron request form right
      away. This can usually be done online at your library's website.

      Title: It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good
      Author: Rick Santorum
      Publisher: Intercollegiate Studies Institute
      Date Published: July 4, 2005
      ISBN: 1932236295
      Price: Hardcover $25
      Comments: United States Senator, Rick Santorum writes on conservatism,
      marriage, and the American family through the lens of his Catholic faith.

      Book Description

      Among politicians of national stature today, there is perhaps none more
      respected as a principled conservative than Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA). In It
      Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good, his first book, Santorum
      articulates the humane vision that he believes must inform public policy if it is to
      be effective and just. An appreciation for the civic bonds that unite a
      community lies at the heart of genuine conservatism. Moreover, Senator Santorum
      demonstrates how such an approach to political, social, and economic problems
      offers the most promise for those on the margin of life: the poor, the
      vulnerable, and minorities who have often been excluded from opportunity in America.
      Santorum argues that conservative statesmanship is animated by a sense of
      stewardship for an inheritance. But what do we inherit as Americans? And how can we
      be good stewards of that inheritance? Building on Robert Putnam's discussion of
      social capital, the habits of association and trust that are the
      preconditions of any decent society, Santorum assesses how well, in the past generation,
      Americans have cared for the fabric of society. He explores in detail various
      dimensions of social and cultural connection that are the foundation of the
      common good. And he presents innovative policy proposals for the renewal of
      American society at all levels. Throughout his book, Santorum emphasizes the
      central role of the family in achieving the common good in contradistinction to the
      metaphorical village of the federal government, as promoted by Senator Hillary
      Rodham Clinton. With a sustained argument touching on first principles
      throughout, this ambitious and original book is a major contribution to contemporary
      political debate. It Takes a Family will further establish Senator Santorum
      as the leader of reform-minded civic conservatives in America.

      About the Author

      Rick Santorum has served in the United States Senate since January 1995,
      where he has been elected to a second term as Republican Conference Chairman, the
      party's third ranking leadership position in the Senate. As Conference
      Chairman, Senator Santorum directs the communications operations of Senate
      Republicans and is a frequent party spokesman. He is the youngest member of the
      leadership and the first Pennsylvanian to hold such a prominent position since the

      While Senator Santorum is proud of his accomplishments as a lawmaker and
      public servant, he is most proud of his role as a husband and father. Senator
      Santorum and his wife, Karen Garver Santorum, are the parents of six wonderful
      children: Elizabeth, John, Daniel, Sarah Maria, Peter, and Patrick.

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