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Adult -- We Have a Pope!

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    With the recent election of Pope Benedict, this is the perfect time to request books written about, and written by, him. Check to see if this title is already
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      With the recent election of Pope Benedict, this is the perfect time to
      request books written about, and written by, him.

      Check to see if this title is already in your library's catalog. If it is,
      put a hold on it and check it out. If not, fill out a patron request form right
      away. This can usually be done online at your library's website.

      Title: We Have a Pope! Benedict XVI
      Author: Matthew E. Bunson, D.Min.
      Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor, Indiana
      Date Published: May 2005
      ISBN: 1592761801
      Price: 14.95 softcover
      Comments: Noted Catholic author and historian Mathew Bunson, provides a
      detailed portrait of Benedict XVI.

      Editorial Reviews

      Book Description
      Who is Pope Benedict XVI?
      "After the great John Paul II, the cardinals elected me, a simple, humble
      worker in the vineyard of the Lord."
      With those gentle words, Pope Benedict XVI greeted the faithful of Rome and
      the world as the Church’s 265th pope.
      In selecting Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to lead the Church, the cardinals
      chose a man they had known well for many years, but one who remains relatively
      unknown to most of the world’s Catholics.
      Now, noted Catholic author and historian Mathew E. Bunson, D.Min., provides a
      detailed portrait of Benedict XVI, introducing Catholics to a man of powerful
      intellect and confident faith who now must lead the Church as it confronts
      some of the most challenging issues facing modern men and women. Bunson examines
      • What made him the man he is today • What you are not being told about him
      by the secular media • What lies ahead for Catholics worldwide
      Twenty-six years ago, when Karol Wojtyla was chosen to be the successor to
      Peter, some of the most difficult challenges to the Church's mission came from
      the East. Twenty-six years later, the most difficult challenges to the Church's
      mission come from the West. There is a man now very well prepared who
      understands Western society and the history of the world. — Cardinal Francis George,
      Archbishop of Chicago
      Pope Benedict XVI, like many people including myself, is very uncomfortable
      with some of the trends that came after the Second Vatican Council, which ended
      up in destroying large segments of religious life, undermining vocations,
      undermining Catholic theology and moral teaching. When people say that he’s a
      conservative, they’re saying that he wants to restore those vital parts of the
      Catholic Christian life. I’m one hundred percent in agreement with him. —
      Father Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.
      [Pope Benedict’s] acceptance of the humanly crushing burden of the See of
      Peter tells us something important about the man: Like John Paul II, this is a
      Christian radical who long ago handed his life over to the will of God, manifest
      through the call of the Church. — George Weigel

      From the Publisher
      "In choosing Cardinal Ratzinger as the next pope, the cardinals have chosen a
      man well known to them for many years," says OSV Publisher and former Rome
      correspondent Greg Erlandson who was in Rome for the Conclave. "Those who have
      met him invariably talk of his gentleness, his shyness and at the same time his
      intellectual abilities and his penetrating insights into the challenges
      facing Christianity and modern society."
      Pope Benedict XVI said in his introductory speech that he is ready to go to
      work in God’s vineyard and that he entrusts himself to our prayers. In We Have
      a Pope! Benedict XVI, written by papal expert and historian Matthew F. Bunson,
      D.Min., the person and teaching of our new pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI are
      revealed in the first ever papal biography which will be released on May 19th.
      "It is my hope that American Catholics will come to appreciate his selection
      of the name Benedict," says Erlandson. "As cardinal, Pope Benedict had a
      special devotion to St. Benedict, the founder of modern monasticism, and therefore
      a great saint of spirituality. Less appreciated may be the fact that he is
      also the patron of Europe," Erlandson adds.
      "In choosing a western European with such a devotion, the cardinals are
      clearly saying that the Church's struggle for the soul of the West, for Europe and
      for America, is not lost," Erlandson stresses. "The third world is critical
      for the Church, and the internationalization of the Church must and will
      continue to occur in this papacy. But if Christianity is to obey its evangelical
      mandate, then it must not throw in the towel in those societies where consumerism
      and moral relativism are most dominant. Pope Benedict is clearly accepting
      this challenge." For all Catholics, the next chapter of the Church starts today
      but for American Catholics who are frustrated by a certain lack of Catholic
      identity, particularly younger Catholics, Pope Benedict is likely to be "a leader
      who will encourage a rediscovery of our intellectual and spiritual roots,"
      says Erlandson. "Like John Paul II, he is confident in the truths of the Church
      and of the Gospel. Contrary to some stereotypes, he is not a ‘grand inquisitor,
      ’ but a man who speaks movingly of the love and mercy of God."
      As we move forward, Erlandson stresses that Pope Benedict "will be truly his
      own man.," adding that the Cardinals did not intend him to be only a caretaker
      of the legacy of John Paul II. "This is a man with more than 50 years of
      theological experience. He is one of the few key remaining theologians of the
      Second Vatican Council. He will bring to the task of leading the Catholic Church
      the insights of these past 50 years. He knows the Vatican Curia. He knows the
      leaders of the Church around the world. His learning curve will be short, and
      his impact is likely to be profound."
      In his timely new work, Bunson, the author of over 30 books including Our
      Sunday Visitor’s Encyclopedia of Catholic History, Encyclopedia of Saints, and
      the Catholic Almanac, discusses the events leading up to the Conclave, the
      candidates, the issues inside the Church, and out and most of all, the persona of
      Pope Benedict XVI, the events made him the man he is today and what can the
      Church expect under his reign.

      About the Author
      Matthew Bunson is one of the country's foremost experts on papal history. He
      is the author of over 30 books including Our Sunday Visitor's Encyclopedia of
      Catholic History and Encyclopedia of Saints and is contacted by news media
      throughout the country on matters pertaining to the Church and the papacy.

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