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Adult -- The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

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    Today s library suggestion is not a Catholic book per se, but it is written by Catholic writer, editor, and scholar Tom Woods Check to see if this title is
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      Today's library suggestion is not a Catholic book per se, but it is written
      by Catholic writer, editor, and scholar Tom Woods

      Check to see if this title is already in your library's catalog. If it is,
      put a hold on it and check it out. If not, fill out a patron request form right
      away. This can usually be done online at your library's website.

      Title: The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History
      Author: Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
      Publisher: Regnery Publishing Inc., Washington DC
      Date Published: Dec. 2004
      ISBN: 0895260476
      Price: 19.95 Softcover
      Comments: Refutes common misinterpretations of American History. Would be a
      good read for a high school or college student.

      From Amazon.com

      Editorial Reviews

      Claiming that most textbooks and popular history books were written by biased
      left-wing writers and scholars, historian Thomas Woods offers this guide as
      an alternative to "the stale and predictable platitudes of mainstream texts."
      Covering the colonial era through the Clinton administration, Woods seeks to
      debunk some persistent myths about American history. For instance, he writes,
      the Puritans were not racists intent on stealing the Indians' lands, the
      Founding Fathers were not revolutionaries but conservatives in the true sense of the
      word, the American War Between the States (to even call it a civil war is
      inaccurate, Woods says) was not principally about slavery, Abraham Lincoln was no
      friend to the slaves, and FDR's New Deal policies actually made the Depression
      worse. He also covers a wide range of constitutional interpretations over the
      years, particularly regarding the First, Second, Ninth, and Tenth amendments,
      and continually makes the point that states' rights have been unlawfully
      trampled upon by the federal government since the early days of the republic.
      Though its title is more deliberately provocative than accurate, Woods' attack on
      what he sees as rampant liberal revisionism over the past 25 years proves to
      be an interesting platform for a book. He's as biased as those he rails
      against, of course, but he does provoke thought in an entertaining way even if he
      sometimes tries to pass off opinion as hard facts.
      This quick and enjoyable read is packed with unfamiliar quotes, informative
      sidebars, iconoclastic viewpoints, and a list of books "you're not supposed to
      read." It is not a comprehensive or detailed study, but that is not its aim;
      instead, it offers ideas for further research and a challenge to readers to dig
      deeper and analyze some basic assumptions about American history--a worthy
      goal that Woods manages to reach. --Shawn Carkonen

      From Publishers Weekly
      This book is not so much politically incorrect as it is contrarian, as well
      as utterly contemptuous of anything supported by Liberals or "Intellectuals."
      At every opportunity, Woods quotes government leaders, media sources and
      "distinguished" academics who have said something that he feels backs up his view.
      That view is, by and large, classically conservative, with a focus on states’
      rights and small government. Any flaws in or missteps by politicians become
      instant basis for rejecting them wholesale (i.e., Lincoln’s racial views; the
      fact that JFK’s two major books were ghostwritten), as Woods dredges up
      accusations both familiar and long-forgotten. The historical coverage is hardly
      comprehensive, since Woods focuses on telling the "truth" about issues Liberals have
      allegedly distorted, like the New Deal and the Civil Rights movement. Some
      ideas that he claims are controversial are anything but: most people know the
      Civil War was not fought primarily to abolish slavery, and it’s no secret that
      Stalin starved his people. Woods writes with zeal, and speckles his narrative
      with suggestions for further reading labeled "Books You’re Not Supposed to Read"
      (which are mostly Right-wing revisionist histories) and "PC Today" boxes
      containing a grab-bag of conservative gripes and assertions (i.e. "It is not true,
      as most people believe, that the Indians had no conception of land ownership
      and did not understand what they were doing when they sold their land to the
      Puritans"). Diehard Republicans may find this book an inspiring corrective to
      supposedly Liberal-biased history texts, but others will be put off by Woods’s
      cherry-picking approach and supercilious tone.
      Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All
      rights reserved.

      Book Description
      Almost everything--you know about American history is wrong, because most
      textbooks and popular history books are written by left-wing academic historians
      who treat their biases as fact. But fear not, Professor Thomas Woods has
      written the perfect antidote. This delightful book--funny and inviting, but
      factually sound-shatters the myths about American history and separates fact from

      From the Inside Flap
      Everything well, almost everything you know about American history is wrong
      because most textbooks and popular history books are written by left-wing
      academic historians who treat their biases as fact. But fear not: Professor Thomas
      Woods refutes the popular myths in The Politically Incorrect Guide to American
      History. Professor Woods reveals facts that you won't be or never were taught
      in school, tells you about the "Books You're Not Supposed to Read," and takes
      you on a fast-paced politically incorrect tour of American history that will
      give you all the information you need to battle and confound left-wing
      professors, neighbors, and friends.

      About the Author
      Professor Thomas E. Woods Jr. holds an AB from Harvard and a Ph.D. from
      Columbia. He teaches American History, is the associate editor of The Latin Mass
      Magazine, and is a prolific essayist on historical subjects. He lives with his
      family in Coram, New York.

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