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    Dear List Members, Instead of a library purchasing tip today, I have another kind of a tip. Last week I put together a unit study based on the life of Pope
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2005
      Dear List Members,

      Instead of a library purchasing tip today, I have another kind of a tip.
      Last week I put together a unit study based on the life of Pope John Paul II for
      my Thrifty Homeschooler email list
      (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ThriftyHomeschooler/) that included a long list of books and videos about the pope. One
      of the Thrifty list members emailed me to tell me that she sent the list to her
      library and suggested that they put together a display to commemorate the
      death of Pope John Paul II. The library responded positively.

      Perhaps you could make a similar suggestion. Just go to your library's
      website and look for a Contact Us or Comment link. Then send off a nice note
      suggesting that there is renewed interest not only in Pope John Paul II, but in the
      papacy, because of his death and upcoming conclave. This would be a good
      time for them to pull all of their books on the subject into a single display.

      If you want to go so far to make some suggestions of books and videos, you
      can cut and paste the following list. Just keep in mind that it is in no way
      complete as the pope was a prolific writer.

      Videos and DVD's
      The Shoes of the Fisherman.
      1968 movie with Anthony Quinn, David Janssen, and Sir John Gielgud. A
      fictional story of the first Russian pope. The death of the pope, the conclave, and
      the Russian pope's coronation are very realistic.

      The Jewelers Shop
      A beautiful love story starring Burt Lancaster. The screenplay was written
      by Pope John Paul II.

      Witness to Hope
      Based on George Weigel's comprehensive biography of the same name.

      Title: Pope John Paul II: Statesman of Faith
      Studio: A & E Entertainment
      Date Released: March 1995
      ASIN: 6303379109
      Price: 14.95 VHS
      Comments: From A&E's Biography series.

      Title: Peter: Keeper of the Keys (The Footprints of God series)
      Starring: Stephen Ray
      Producer: St. Joseph Productions
      Date Released: 2002 by Ignatius Press (www.ignatius.com)
      Price: 24.95 VHS, 29.95 DVD (discounted if entire series is purchased)
      Comments: Bible / Catholic history learned through geography and
      archeology. Very good series!

      The Wonders of the Vatican Library
      A rare look at the amazing private collection of tapestries, coins, and art
      treasures at the Vatican.

      Inside the Vatican (DVD or VHS)
      National Geographic

      Books for children:
      Title: Dear Papa: Children Celebrate Pope John Paul II With Letters of Love
      and Affection
      Author: Virginia D. Klein and Richard A. Klein (Editors)
      Publisher: Liguori/Triumph
      Date Published: Sept. 2003
      ISBN: 0764810979
      Price: 14.95 Hardcover
      Comments: In the mold of the international bestseller Children's Letters to

      Title: John Paul II: The Pope From Poland (Gateway Biographies)
      Author: Deborah A. Parks
      Publisher: Millbrook Press
      Date Published: April 2002
      ISBN: 0761323201
      Price: 23.90 hardcover
      Comments: Ages 9 - 12

      Title: John Paul II, Every Child a Light: The Pope's Message to Young People
      Author: John II Paul, Jerome M. Vereb (Editor)
      Publisher: Boyds Mills Press
      Date Published: March 2002
      ISBN: 1563970902
      Price: 16.95 hardcover
      Comments: Ages 9-12

      Title: Karol from Poland: The Life of Pope John Paul II for Children (Kids
      Author: M. Leonora Wilson
      Publisher: Pauline, USA
      Date Published: Nov. 1999
      ISBN: 0819842052
      Price: 6.95 paperback
      Comments: Ages 4 - 8

      Title: The Young Life of Pope John Paul II
      Author: Claire Jordan Mohan
      Publisher: Young Sparrow Press
      Date Published: April 1995
      ISBN: 0943135125
      Comments: Ages 9 - 12

      Books for Young Adults:
      Title: My Dear Young Friends: Pope John Paul II Speaks to Teens on Life,
      Love, and Courage
      Author: Pope John Paul II, John Vitek (Editor)
      Publisher: Saint Mary's Press
      Date Published: Sept. 2001
      ISBN: 0884897249

      We're on a Mission from God: The Generation X Guide to John Paul II and the
      Real Meaning of Life
      by Mary Beth Bonacci (Ignatius Press)

      Books for Adults:
      Title: The Theology of the Body: Human Love in the Divine Plan
      Author: Pope John Paul II
      Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
      Date Published: 0819873942
      ISBN: 0819873942
      Price: 24.95 Softcover
      Comments: Compilation of the pope's weekly address (1979 to 1984) on the
      Christian meaning of human sexuality.

      Title: Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II
      Author: George Weigel
      Publisher: Perennial; 1st Cliff Street Books paperback ed
      Date Published: April 2001
      ISBN: 0060932864
      Price: 20.00 paperback, also available as an audio book and in hardcover
      Comments: THE biography to read.

      Upon This Rock: St. Peter and the Primacy of Rome in Scripture and the Early
      by Stephen K. Ray

      Pope Fiction: Answers to 30 Myths and Misconceptions About the Papacy
      by Patrick Madrid

      Title: Stories Of Karol: The Unknown Life Of John Paul II
      Author: Gian Franco Svidercoschi
      Publisher: Ligouri
      Date Published: November 2002
      ISBN: 0-7648-0924-5
      Price: 19.95 hardcover
      Comments: A Vatican insider reveals new details about Karol Wojtyla's youth,
      from his birth to his election to the papal throne.

      Title: Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way
      Author: Pope John Paul II
      Publisher: Warner Books
      Date Published: September 2004
      ISBN: 0446577812
      Price: Hardcover 24.95, audio cassette and audio cd both 22.98
      Comments: The pope's autobiography of his younger years.

      Title: Memory and Identity: Conversations at the Dawn of a Millennium
      Author: Pope John Paul II
      Publisher: Rizzoli
      Date Published: March 2005
      ISBN: 0847827615
      Price: 19.95 Hardcover
      Comments: Autobiography of the pope's later years. Sequel to Rise, Let Us Be
      On Our Way

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