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73Success -- DaVinci Hoax at the Library!

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  • mwittlans@aol.com
    Nov 27, 2004
      Dear List Members,

      My library has yet to purchase any of the books that counter The Da Vinci
      Code, but I am glad to hear of success at other public libraries. Here is an
      email from a list member, read on . . .

      I was at the library yesterday, and they had a hold book for me, it was The
      DaVinci Hoax by Carl Olsen and Sandra Meisel! Hurrah! Pope St. Nicholas strikes
      again! Thanks to you and me, our library will now have this book come up when
      patrons are searching for DaVinci Code, and maybe it will help somebody to
      see the truth. I was thrilled to know that we are helping our community to know
      the truth, thanks again for your list.

      . . . make sure to let your online friends know about the PopeSaintNicholasV
      list and encourage them to join us in this simple, yet effective, apostolate.

      Maureen :)

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