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45Getting Back to Work

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  • mwittlans@aol.com
    Sep 11, 2004
      I'm baaaack! :-)
      Summer is over and I am getting back on track with my library suggestions.
      I hope that you are all ready to get to back to work too! We need to keep
      our public libraries up on all of the books that our Catholic community has to

      Just as a refresher, here is how this list works:
      I send out information on books of interest to our group. If you see a book
      that you would like your library to carry, go to their website to see if it is
      already in the library card catalog. If it is not, then fill out a patron
      request form. Most libraries offer such a form online.

      This is a very effective way to get good Catholic books in your library. I
      have had many list members report to me that their public libraries have
      purchased many of the books they request.

      And once your library purchases the books that you have requested, make sure
      to check them out!

      Maureen :)

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