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243Before the Dawn

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  • Ana Braga-Henebry
    Nov 11, 2008
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      Title: Before the Dawn: Autobiographical Reflections by Eugenio Zolli,
      Former Chief Rabbi of Rome
      Author: Eugenio Zolli
      Paperback: 225 pages
      Publisher: Ignatius Press (October 30, 2008)
      ISBN-10: 1586172875
      Amazon link:

      Editorial Reviews:
      This is the remarkable and inspiring story of how the famous and
      revered Chief Rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli, became a Christian and
      entered the Catholic Church after World War II. Zolli was a world
      renowned Jewish leader and Scripture & Talmudic scholar, and an
      authority on Semitic philology.
      This classic work outlines the spiritual journey of Rabbi Zolli,
      through prayer, Scripture meditation and lived experience, from devout
      Judaism to Catholicism, and it stands as a wonderful testament to the
      spirit of man which is always restless until it rests fully in Christ
      Jesus. He did not abandon his Jewish heritage, but says he discovered
      the fullness of what God offered in Jesus and His Church. Zolli took
      the Christian name of Eugenio to honor Pope Pius XII (Eugenio was his
      baptismal name) for all he did to save Jews during WWII.

      The highlights of his spiritual journey are covered in this book along
      with some marvelous insights by Rabbi Zolli on Judaism, mysticism, the
      Law, and the Gospel. Zolli speaks of his journey not as a betrayal of
      the Synagogue but as a completion and fulfillment, describing himself
      as becoming a "completed Jew" by recognizing Jesus Christ ("Rabbi
      Yeshua") as the Messiah and joining His Church. Zolli offers unique
      insights on the continuity between the Synagogue and the Catholic
      Church and many interesting insights into the Scriptures--including
      the New Testament--from an Orthodox Jewish perspective.