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  • Ana Braga-Henebry
    Nov 2, 2008
      Dear Maureen and Ana,

      Thank you for this marvelous way to evangelize through the
      library...AND to get all the books I want to read for FREE!

      Last week I received our library's brand new copy of Adrienne von
      Speir's Book of All Saints (truly a gift to celebrate All Saints'
      Day!) and I am mesmerized...and so grateful to you for your online
      apostolate here.

      In addition, since May our local library has filled close to 50 of my
      requests for purchases of solid Catholic literature... because I saw
      what you were doing here.

      I find it very simple to open a browser window for my library online,
      and then open another window for this site, or Ignatius, or Sophia,
      Tan, whatever...and then simply copy and paste the necessary
      information. With that computer magic of automatic "fill-in the
      spaces" for my contact info, I find that I can request most any book
      in 30 to 60 seconds! Best use of computer time I've ever had!

      God bless you for this wonderful list, and for an apostolate that is
      having more effect than you might know!

      Gratefully yours,
      Teresa in Wenatchee, WA
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