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198What Libraries Don't Want

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  • mwittlans@aol.com
    Nov 2, 2007
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      Jump Start Your Books Sales has a chapter on getting books into libraries. It
      has some great information for those of us who work to influence our
      library's purchasing decisions. Here is their list of what libraries DON'T want:

      -- Books with fill-in-the-blanks.

      -- Spiral or comb binding, or saddle stitching.

      -- Material in 3-ring binders.

      -- Nonfiction books without indexes.

      -- Schlocky-looking books. Quality is a must!

      -- Hyperbole. Tell them the facts and stress good reviews.

      -- They don't want to be kept in the dark if the book has a local tie-in. A
      local author, local setting, etc., will create extra demand.

      Jump Start Your Books Sales should be available at your local library if you
      want to read more.

      Maureen :)

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