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sand level

Hi, it just bought a 15' above  ground intex pool and a salt water filter to go with it and I only purchased 50lbs of sand. can I opperate the pump  while i
Frances Nelson
Jun 18

Pool Slide

We just moved to a home in December 2014 that has an inground pool. It was installed several years ago. The pool is up and running but there are a few
May 11

Re: Inground pools Closing Time!!!

It sounds like you might need the advice of a local pool pro. The plumbing is a mystery - have someone with experience diagram it and give you advice. One
Henry Davis
Nov 24, 2014

pool thermometers that can measure low temps?

hello all, does anyone know of any still available to purchase pool thermometers that can measure very low water temperatures? all of the ones I have found so
goshawk on horseback
Nov 24, 2014

Re: Inground pools

Thanks for your expertise! As I understand it, lowering the water level in a vinyl pool will put the liner at risk during freezing weather:"the liner will
Nov 12, 2014

Re: Inground pools

The other port in the skimmer is connected to the pump system, just not directly. It's connected right there through the skimmer itself. Usually the water
Nov 10, 2014

Re: Inground pools

Hi Mike, Leslies service manager was baffled by my question about the skimmer. I have a skimmer box with two ports. One goes to the pump, the other goes to the
Nov 8, 2014

Re: Inground pools Closing Time!!!

Hello Henry, thanks for the post. I have a skimmer box with two ports. One goes to the pump, the other goes to the bottom drain but is not connected in any way
Nov 8, 2014

Re: Mystery port in skimmer....

Hello Mike and All, Thanks for the info - I am pretty close to finishing my pool closing education! LOL;-P I need some more advise re: the second port in the
Oct 29, 2014

Re: Inground pools Closing Time!!!

Yes, I'm still here! Although I haven't been as active in the group lately. Being on the road all the time (literally... I'm an OTR truck driver now), my
Oct 1, 2014

Re: Inground pools Closing Time!!!

If you expect the water will freeze in the lines then by all means drain and plug them - along with the filter and pumps. In warmer areas folks can run their
Henry Davis
Sep 28, 2014

Re: Inground pools Closing Time!!!

Mike, did you complete your pool manual? I just cant shell out the $375 - $450 opening or closing anymore. I am willing to get dirty, however, I see
Sep 27, 2014

Re: Pinch A Penny vs Leslie's

Buy a test kit like this one and learn how to use it. It's not difficult and you won't get conflicting opinions from testers who basically want to sell you
Aug 13, 2014

Pinch A Penny vs Leslie's

Does anyone know which store I should go to. Which one gives the correct information? I took two samples in, one to PAP one to Leslie's and I was told
Aug 12, 2014

Re: Correct size of pump

1.5 HP above ground or inground?
Jul 2, 2014
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