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Polish Global Village -- Washington & beyond

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    POLISH GLOBAL VILLAGE -- Washington & beyond * PolishHappyHour.com invites you to a downtown get-together on January 25 ** Polish Library annual meeting on
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2001
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      POLISH GLOBAL VILLAGE -- Washington & beyond

      * PolishHappyHour.com invites you to a
      downtown get-together on January 25

      ** Polish Library annual meeting
      on February 4

      *** A Valentines Ball at the Polish Embassy
      to benefit the Warsaw Hospice for
      Children on February 16

      *** Polish library in Stockholm

      **** Title change and email server change




      From Grzegorz Witczak

      The next Polish Happy Hour will be on
      Thursday, January 25th, 2001
      at 6:30 p.m. at:

      Eighteenth Street Lounge
      1212 18th St., N.W.
      Washington, DC 20036
      (202) 466-3922

      Metro: Dupont Circle--South Exit--Red line

      Directions from metro:

      If you've never been to the 18th Street
      Lounge, read the following carefully, the
      Lounge is extremely easy to miss.

      From the Dupont South metro, walk south on
      19th Street.

      Take a left onto N Street.

      Turn right onto Connecticut Avenue.

      Walk down Connecticut, past Jefferson
      Place, to where 18th Street veers off to
      the right.

      You will see Mattress Discounters;
      directly to the left of Mattress
      Discounters and to the right of the
      hardware store is the door to 18th Street
      Lounge, identified by a small gold plaque.

      Walk into the mirrored door and up the

      If you have passed the Sprint PCS phone
      store and have come to M Street, you have
      walked too far. :)

      No Cover Charge

      Cash bar
      (everyone pays for their drinks
      individually at the bar)

      Bring yourself, a good mood, and some
      stamina, for this is the first Polish
      Happy Hour of 2001!

      For those of you new to the Polish Happy
      Hour, you can recognize us with the two
      Polish table flags we will have at our

      (We promise not to obscure them this


      The Polish Happy Hour is finally online!

      Read about who we are, our next event,
      send us your comments and opinions and
      join our email list right online!

      No more waiting for emails!!!

      ~~Ski Tip~~

      How many of you would be interested in a
      ski trip to White Tail in PA?

      -- www.skiwhitetail.com --

      We would need about 20 people or so to
      receive group rates.

      We are tentatively planning for this day
      trip either on February 3 or 4.

      Please reply to this email with Subject:
      Skiing Trip.


      February 4

      The annual general meeting of Friends of the
      Polish Library in Washington, D.C., Inc.

      will take place on Sunday, February 4,
      starting at 3 p.m.,

      at the building of the Consular Division of
      the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, at
      2224 Wyoming Avenue, N.W., in Washington.

      For more information about the Library,
      please visit



      -- Friday, February 16

      A group called Friends of the Warsaw Hospice
      for Children have sent out invitations to a
      Valentine Ball, which is to take place at the
      Embassy of the Republic of Poland on
      February 16.

      This is a black tie event.

      Tickets are $100 per person.

      Ball executive committee members are Elzbieta
      Chlopecka-Vande Sande, Anna Kotowska,
      Krzysztof Michejda, Zbigniew Okreglak and the
      best dancing couple among Polish diplomats in
      Washington (and possibly the entire world) --
      Dariusz Wisniewski and Ewa Bem-Wisniewska.

      This email is not an official invitation.

      To request an invitation or additional
      information, including a one-page description
      of the honorable work done by the Warsaw
      Hospice for Children, call (301) 929-0035,
      (301) 365-2045 or (301) 962-6384 or write to

      Zbigniew Okreglak
      3904 Cleveland Street
      Kensington, MD 20895.

      Yes, you can mail donations to support the
      Warsaw Hospice for Children without attending
      the ball.

      To do so, you can mail your check, payable to
      the Washington area-based Polish American
      Health Association, to Dr. Okreglak's address.

      -- MZ



      Did you know that Friends of the Polish
      Library in Washington, D.C., Inc. (known in
      Polish as Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Biblioteki
      Polskiej) has a namesake in Stockholm?

      The Swedish organization is mentioned on the
      new Polska.se Web site.



      Click on Organizacje and then on
      Towarzystwa/Stowarzyszenia and then on
      Towarzystwa Przyjaciol to see a note about
      the Polish library in Sweden.

      -- MZ



      NEW EMAIL FACILITY: Yahoo! Groups

      For about a year and a half, I have called my

      "Polish News / Washington D.C. and the
      Global Village,"

      but since then "Polish Suburban News," a
      beautiful Chicago-grown Polonian publication,
      has renamed itself to "Polish News" and even
      reserved its domain name as


      Since I don't want my newsletter to be
      confused with the Chicago-based "Polish News"
      monthly and its Web site, I've decided to
      rename my newsletter to

      "Polish Global Village."

      Despite its universal title, my newsletter
      will continue to focus almost exclusively on
      Poland-related events and issues in the
      Washington metropolitan area.

      I have written a few words about my newsletter,
      sort of an ad hoc program, at


      so if you have time, please check it out.

      As everything on the Web, my description of
      my newsletter is not itched in stone and is
      bound to change as I think it over.

      Another change involves the way I'll send out
      my email newsletters.

      I'm going to transfer my entire email address
      list (more than 300 addresses) to the
      eGroups.com server, which was recently
      purchased by Yahoo!

      I've prepared my new eGroups-based newsletter
      page at


      More about that later.

      -- MZ


      Please Post - Distribute - Forward - Podaj dalej

      Polish Global Village
      -- Washington & beyond

      Please contact me if you'd like to
      subscribe to,
      unsubscribe from,
      contribute to
      or advertise in
      my newsletter.

      Please tell others about my newsletter.

      Thank you.

      Marcin Zmudzki
      1748 Columbia Road, N.W., # 4
      Washington, DC  20009
      (202) 234-7045


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