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Captian Witold Pilecki permanent collection at the Holocaust Museum

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  • Jan
    http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/united-states-holocaust-memorial-m useum-captian-witold-pilecki-permanent-collection-at-the-holocaust-museu
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      "Captain Pilecki showed an exceptional bravery and determination to save the victims within the German concentration camp in Auschwitz, in September 1940. Pilecki allowed the German aggressors occupying Poland to capture him and to imprison him in the Auschwitz concentration camp. There, together with other prisoners of Polish and other nationalities, he organized a resistance movement and wrote reports that were supposed to show the world the true picture of the place. After the war, he was accused by the communist government of espionage , tortured, and after a show trial, sentenced to death.

      United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
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