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Re: Help: BBC – Polish Camp

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  • Jan
    Dear Witold and group, Thanks for the support. Below is my complaint. The Polish Media Issues group needs more members. Please consider joining us. Regards
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 26, 2013

      Dear Witold and group,


      Thanks for the support.  Below is my complaint.  The Polish Media Issues group needs more members.  Please consider joining us.




      Jan N., Cardiff



      Dear Sir,


      The Polish embassy copied me on their correspondences to the BBC.  As they have pointed out I am the author of a series of booklets on the media coverage of Poland during WWII.  The first was on the BBC.  If you wish I can send you a hardback copy plus the Polish language version with 9 month update in English.  In passing it would have been nice if one of the 18 BBC staff and trustees who were given a copy of the work could have replied.  Before I ask you a question I would like to explain a little about me.


      As a descendent of a Pole I have taken an interested in Poland since 1973 when I was beaten up because Poland knocked England out of the World cup.  Still my actives were limited to the odd letter about incorrect coverage of Poland. 


      About 8 years ago, I was out for a drink with a friend and two of his friends.  I was accused by one of them who I had almost known for 20 years of being a Jew killer.  I was born in England in 1965.  My Grandfather was murdered by the Soviet Russians at the start of WWII, his brother was a POW and the rest of the family including my Dad who was 6 when the war started had been deported to Kazakhstan.  How was I a Jew killer?  Sadly poor media coverage has twisted people understanding to that point.


      Why does the BBC treat Poland differently?  Example: Only 20% of BBC articles on Poland during WWII stated that Poland was occupied.  When the BBC writes about the Channel Island it is 94.5% and for France it is 96.3%.  Surely your audience know more about the Channel Island and France than Poland during WWII?  I can give other examples.  I merely ask the BBC to treat Poland and Poles the same as others.


      I look forward to your response.




      Jan Niechwiadowicz,

      Author of the German Camps, Polish Victims booklet series


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