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Re: [Poland-speaks-out] BBC

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  • witold szymanski
    Great article, Jan, I remember reading Campbell s crapping something about black people coming back in coffins, silly old cretin. In the meantime, there is a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 18, 2012
      Great article, Jan,
      I remember reading Campbell's crapping something about black people coming back in coffins, silly old cretin.
      In the meantime, there is a black bus driver in Warsaw from Cameroon, speaking his mind how happy he is in Poland.
      Amazing discrimination against us, Poles, who fought side by side against the Natzis, yet have been treated like second citezens in U.K. More so than any other ethnic group on these islands.
      Any protests will be like water over ducks, they will not make any difference. This is U.K's BBC.
      Best wishes & luck,
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      From: Jan
      Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2012 11:05 PM
      Subject: [Poland-speaks-out] BBC

      Dear All,

      We have been putting pressure on the BBC.  As the next part we want a joint complaint.  Any BBC licence payer or anyone with a title, no matter how minor, is being asked to sign it.  Draft is below.


      Jan N. Cardiff

      As BBC licence payers, we are absolutely disgusted by the programme about Euro 2012, "Stadiums of Hate", which was full of misleading statements resulting in a clearly anti-Polish programme. It appears that the primary idea of that documentary programme was to present Poland and the Ukraine as racist, violent and anti-Semitic.  Hence to show Poland and the Ukraine in a negative light in order to persuade potential English supporters to stay at home.

      The Polonophobia, which is prevalent in some British media, fits in perfectly well with political correctness, which allows you to make such statements. As a nation, which respects certain values and traditions, Poland is an easy target to criticize. The anti-Polish campaign in parts of the British media makes it the most discriminated ethnic minority in the UK.

      In fact Euro 2012, with the so-called "Stadiums of Hate", turned out to be the most visited European Championship so far, attracting the biggest number of supporters ever. Yet crime against those visiting Poland and racism in the stadiums were virtually non-existent.

      We wonder why one of the most friendly, religious, hardworking and humble European nations is humiliated and disrespected by the BBC.  Euro 2012 was held in a calm atmosphere with no racist or anti-Semitic issues.  We wish to make the following clear statement.


      With so many concerns about safety during the Olympic Games in London and the rest of the UK as, we wish the UK good luck in running OUR games.


      Patryk Konaszczuk on behalf of Patriae Fidelis

      David Jan Niechwiadowicz, coordinator and on behalf Polonia Action Group against Racism ((I am David Jan and my Dad is Jan))

      Jim Przedzienkowski, Moderator and on behalf of the Polish Media Issues Group

      Marek Laskiewicz, Head of the Polish college

      Elizabeth Niechwiadowicz, Trustee and on behalf of Support Poland Limited

      Dawid Wawrzyniak, on behalf of Polish Cooperation Network

      Jan Niechwiadowicz, Siberia Cross awardee

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