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A Mini Conference : The Future Role of Poles born in GB

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  • Jan
    Polish Roots - British Born The Central Association of Individual Members of the Federation of Poles in Great Britain with Topaz Invite you to A Mini
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2012

             Polish Roots - British Born     


                                  The Central Association of Individual Members of the

                                        Federation of Poles in Great Britain with Topaz

                                                                   Invite you to

      A Mini Conference : The Future Role of Poles born in GB

      POSK, (2nd Floor), Sapphire Room

      Thursday 24th May at 7.30pm


      This is the first of a series of meetings, aimed at people born in Britain of Polish origin. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss and focus on their needs. The meeting will be held in English, with Polish used as required.

      We will hear from several speakers, born in GB, who are actively involved in organisations such as the Federation of Poles in GB (FPGB*), about their background, current activities and their hopes for the future. We will then invite everyone to participate in an open discussion about their concerns, ideas and how to get involved. There will be an opportunity to get to know each other and to network. Finally, we hope to produce a plan to move forward so that Poles born in GB have more of an influence on shaping the future policy of the Polish Community here.


      7.00: Registration

      7.30: Start - Chairman of meeting - Chris Zarêbski, Chairman of Advisory Council FPGB

      7.40: Dr. W³odzimierz Mier-Jêdrzejowicz - Chairman FPGB

      7.50: Tadeusz Stenzel - Vice Chairman FPGB

                  Other speakers to include: Andrzej Tutkaj, Marek Laskiewicz, Bo¿ena Karol,

                  Katy Carr, Jan Niechwiadowicz and others. (list is subject to change)

      8.30: Open Session – Topics include:

                  1/. Definition of our identity. - What criteria?

                  2/. What role do we have if any in shaping the future of the Polish Community?

                  3/. How do we maintain our parent's/grandparent's legacy?

      (buildings: POSK, Fawley Court, Ognisko, Laxton Hall etc.

      memorials: Katyn massacre at Gunnersbury Cemetry, Polish Airmens' at Northolt etc.

      cultural & religious: Polish Library & Conrad Room, Sikorski Institute, SPK, parishes)

                  4/. What is our contact and interface with current Polish migration? (± 800,000)

                  5/. Is Polish needed for activity in Polish organisations? Polish: lifelong learning? 

                  6/. What are the challenges ahead? (20,000 Polish children born in the UK annually)

                  7/. Do we need a new organisation? Can we adapt existing organisations?

                  8/. What next?

      9.15: Closing remarks

      9.30: Close of meeting: Networking


      Further info: Bozena Karol tel: 07979 037183 e-mail: polishroots@...

      Federation of Poles in GB tel: 0208 741 1606 e-mail: office@...

      * FPGB is the Federation of Poles in Great Britain,

      (In Polish ZPWB; Zjednoczenie Polskie w Wielkiej Brytanii.

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