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  • Witold Szymanski
    Dear Jan, After reading your attachment, I remembered the conditions printed in my ID book, when I passed the age of sixteen. Please read page two of my ID. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2010
    Dear Jan,
    After reading your attachment, I remembered the conditions printed in my ID book, when I passed the age of sixteen.
    Please read page two of my ID. It confirms that we, the alias children, have been treated as second class citizens, when it came to work.
    On a personal note, when We moved to Bradford in 1955, I enquired about work as a draughtsman at ENGLISH Electric. there were vacancies, but I DID NOT GET the job because I did not have British Citizenship.
    When I moved to Merseyside and started my own engineering business in 1966, I applied for the citizenship, for the convenience of travelling abroad.
    When an officer-rep from the Home Office came to my works, she asked if I employed Englishmen?
    My answer to her was that unfortunately there were no Polish men to employ, so I did have to employ Englishmen and Irishmen, the later of whom were the better workers. 
    From my information about the present Poles working in U.K., is that they are all highly valued
    employees, whatever industry they work in.
    In fact, when, we had a removal work done, I was asked if I knew of any Poles, who were looking for work.
    This brings me to my conclusion that in the bad, bygone days, the conquered people used to be made to slave away for just keeps, very rarely anything more than the survival gruel. Nowadays, they have to get educated, preferably with degrees, so they can apply in writing with their CV (poor students) to get jobs.
    We have to wait for the attitudes to change, for a better world, before things get closer to normal, live and let live, or love thy neighbors.
    We live in hope.
    Take care,
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