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Re: [Poland-speaks-out] FYI London The Stalin Society

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    British Journalist Johann Hari wrote an editorial for the New Statesman in October 2002, which describes a meeting of the society in a highly critical fashion.
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      British Journalist Johann Hari wrote an editorial for the New Statesman in October 2002, which describes a meeting of the society in a highly critical fashion. Hari wrote that a meeting of the society at which he attended consisted only "of around 30 people is primarily - as you might expect - elderly to the point of decrepitude" and that "for these people, Stalinism has become a habit they can't shake off" (although he noted there were a few young people). Hari compared the Stalin Society was comparable to the "Flat Earth Society, or Elvis fans who insist that the King is still alive." Finally, Hari critcizied what he views as the society's complete dismissal of any criticism of Stalin.[7]

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      I could not get over what I was reading and they are based out of London. Check out just this on "Katyn". All I was thinking as I was looking at this, how many people read and believe it?
      "During the battle to retake the areas east of the Curzon line, the Soviet Union captured some 10,000 Polish officers, who became prisoners of war. These prisoners were then held in camps in the disputed area and put to work road building, etc.
      Two years later, on 22 June 1941, Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union by surprise. The Red Army was forced hurriedly to retreat and the Ukraine was taken over by the Germans. During this hurried retreat it was not possible to evacuate to the Soviet interior the Polish prisoners of war. The chief of camp no. 1, Major Vetoshnikov gave evidence that he had applied to the chief of traffic of the Smolensk section of the Western Railway to be provided with railway cars for the evacuation of the Polish prisoners but was told it was unlikely to be possible. Engineer Ivanov, who had been the Chief of Traffic in the region at the time, confirmed there had been no railway cars to spare. "Besides, " he said, "we could not send cars to the Gussino line, where the majority of the Polish prisoners were, since that line was already under fire". The result was that, following the Soviet retreat from the area, the Polish prisoners became prisoners of the Germans."


      July meetings

      The Katyn Massacre:
      the German Nazis did it

      Presented by Ella Rule

      The recent release of the film Katyn yet again perpetuated the lie that thousands of murders had been committed by the Red Army in the Katyn forest in the 1940s. The truth about the circumstances in Poland during this time is the exact opposite - the massacre was committed by the German Nazis and then, two years later, Goebbels sought to blame the Soviet Union. Goebbels’ lies are being peddled as the truth by all the anti-communists in the working-class movement - this meeting will help us counter their treacherous slanders.

      Sunday, 19 July 2009, 2-5pm

      Kings Cross Neighbourhood Centre, 51 Argyle Street

      London WC1H 8EF



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