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Katyn shirts selling on Polart ebay

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  • Carol
    Group, Due to Russia court throwning out the Katyn case this week I wanted to share this fantastic way to keep the memory alive. Carol, USA Show off your
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      Due to Russia court throwning out the "Katyn" case this week I wanted
      to share this fantastic way to keep the memory alive.

      Carol, USA

      "Show off your Polish Pride with this ready to wear graphic tee
      printed with environment friendly, water based ink.
      The 1940 Katyñ Forest Massacre was a mass murder of thousands Polish
      military officers, policemen, intellectuals, and civilian Prisoners
      of War by Soviet NKVD. The number of victims is estimated at about
      22,000. The victims were murdered in the Katyñ forest in Russia,
      Kalinin (Tver) and Kharkiv prisons; Kozelsk, Starobelsk, and
      Ostashkov POW camps; in Smolensk, Kharkiv, Moscow, and other Soviet
      cities. In 1943, Nazi Germany announced the discovery of mass graves
      within the Katyñ Forest, and it was not until 1990 that the Soviet
      Union acknowledged the massacres by the NKVD.

      According to historian Gerhard Weinberg, the reason for the massacre
      is that Stalin wanted to deprive a potential revived Poland of a
      large proportion of its military and technical elite to make it
      weaker as to keep the eastern portion of Poland within the Soviet's
      border. The Nazi Germans used the Katyñ massacre discovery to drive a
      wedge between the then growing Soviet-Polish/Western Allies forces
      against the invading armies of Nazi Germany. However, when the Katyñ
      area was again under the Soviet control, they did all they could to
      cover their actions up and turn the blame to Nazi Germany under false

      With the news of the massacre the Western Allies were torn between
      their commitments to their Polish ally and demands their then-ally,
      the Soviet Union. Thus no investigations of the massacres were
      carried out and a front of Soviet conviction prevailed instead of the
      human moral issues of truth and accountability. On April 13th, 1990
      the 47th anniversary of the discovery of the mass graves, the USSR
      formally expressed "profound regret" and admitted Soviet secret
      police responsibility. Opposite of Poland's request, Russian has
      classified the action not as a war crime or act of genocide, but as a
      military crime for which the 50-year term of limitation has expired
      with no basis to discuss the acts in judicial terms. As of 2008
      however, the Russian courts are considering to hear cases requesting
      the declassification of documents about the Katyñ massacure and the
      judicial rehabilitation of the victims. April 13th is now observed as
      the International Day of Katyñ Victims Memorial."

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