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Re: Fw: [PGV] FW: FLASH - Eastern Poland property compensation deadline approaches

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  • Carol
    Jan, Stefan from KS group asked for more information? Join Kresy-Claim.com. Thanks, Carol ... me and my family. Speaking of family, I wish all a very Happy
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 1, 2008

      Stefan from KS group asked for more information? Join Kresy-Claim.com.

      Thanks, Carol

      --- In Poland-speaks-out@yahoogroups.com, JJ Rynk <JJRynk@...> wrote:
      > Carol,
      > OMG! Yes, please as this would be another major break through for
      me and my family. Speaking of family, I wish all a very Happy and
      Glorious Thanksgiving. I miss so very Dearly my Dearest friend Pani
      Joanna (Stankiewicz) Januszczak from Gdynia, Poland. SHe did so
      very mush for me and my family and so unselfishly and so giving from
      her heart as she tried to keep in touch with my living offspring
      alive and well today in Poland still lives in my GGP's land which a
      newer home has been built on #14 Zebry resides Pani Halina Merchelska.
      > I will forever remember you Pani Joanna for all the time and
      efforts and coaching you gave me in Polish ettiquette or lack tere of!
      > My wife Patricia misses the instant Beet root soupa! Its is so
      delicous! We still have one packet left and for some reason have not
      use it up as of yet.
      > Sto Lat,
      > Jan J. Rynkiewicz / Renkiewicz (The very Proud Grandson)
      > Searching for Surnames:
      > Rynkiewicz / Rinkevicius / Renkiewicz / Buckley / Chmielewski /
      Crake/ Hajduk / Hydock
      > / Kilgasky / Kopinski / Merchelski / Michalski / Mislak /
      Niziol / Opachinski / Reptak / Sieniewska / Stanek / Stasiewicz /
      Szepieniec / Trygar / Tusack / Vosburgh / Wojtowicz
      > / Waclawski / Woynoski / Yarashefski / Zarzecky
      > To: Poland-speaks-out@...: stashaok@...: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 04:35:25 -
      0800Subject: Fw: RE: [Poland-speaks-out] Fw: [PGV] FW: FLASH -
      Eastern Poland property compensation deadline approaches
      > Jan and Group,
      > This is a question that comes up often. As I told Jan, you cannot
      go by family's birth place in most cases. Much of the property was
      given or low cost loans provided to Polish military in 1920 for
      service rendered. Even knowing the location leave many searching for
      documentation. When Soviets came to deport Polish the history left
      behind was burned and/or destroyed.
      > Kresy-Siberia@... group has alot of lists and locations to search.
      Once in Kresy group, look at Red Cross, Anders Army and so on. They
      also have maps, photo's and personal stories. ITS also has a search
      that can bring up families. Kresy-Claims@... has many to help and you
      should join this as well.
      > I remember reading of Renkiewicz in records, now we must see what
      ones and the locations.
      > Carol
      > --- On Mon, 11/24/08, JJ Rynk <jjrynk@...> wrote:
      > From: JJ Rynk <jjrynk@...>Subject: RE: [Poland-speaks-out] Fw:
      [PGV] FW: FLASH - Eastern Poland property compensation deadline
      approachesTo: "Carol Stashaok - Poland - Help" <stashaok@...>,
      mysimon55@...: Monday, November 24, 2008, 7:03 PM
      > Carol, How would I know what my GF Jan Renkiewicz or his parents
      Andrzej & Mariana (Chmielewska) Renkiewicz or for that matter
      Andrzej's parents who were Mixchal & Anrononina (Modzelewska)
      Renkiewicz who were from Mscichy, Poland? How do I find that out?
      Sto Lat, Jan
      > Searching for Surnames:
      > Rynkiewicz / Rinkevicius / Renkiewicz / Buckley / Chmielewski /
      Crake/ Hajduk / Hydock
      > / Kilgasky / Kopinski / Merchelski / Michalski / Mislak /
      Niziol / Opachinski / Reptak / Sieniewska / Stanek / Stasiewicz /
      Szepieniec / Trygar / Tusack / Vosburgh / Wojtowicz
      > / Waclawski / Woynoski / Yarashefski / Zarzecky
      > To: Poland-speaks-out@...: stashaok@...: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 06:13:59 -
      0800Subject: [Poland-speaks-out] Fw: [PGV] FW: FLASH - Eastern Poland
      property compensation deadline approaches
      > --- On Sat, 12/20/08, Polish American Congress <pacwash@polamcon.
      org> wrote:
      > From: Polish American Congress <pacwash@polamcon. org>Subject:
      [PGV] FW: FLASH - Eastern Poland property compensation deadline
      approachesTo: pacwash@polamcon. orgDate: Saturday, December 20, 2008,
      12:58 PM
      > For your information. Please make sure to forward the message below
      to all persons who might be interested.
      > Polish American Congress1612 K Street, N.W. Suite 410Washington,
      D.C. 20006Tel: (202) 296-6955Fax: (202) 835-1565Web: www.polamcon.
      > -----Original Message-----From: Stefan Wisniowski [Kresy-Siberia]
      [mailto:stefan. wisniowski@ kresy-siberia. org]Sent: Wednesday,
      November 19, 2008 10:08 PMTo: pacchgo@polamcon. org;
      pacwash@polamcon. orgCc: wjlukaszewski@ gmail.com; tinijoroga@yahoo.
      comSubject: FLASH - Eastern Poland property compensation deadline
      approachesImportance: High
      > Dear Polish American Congress:
      > We seek your urgent assistance in getting this information to your
      branches and to Polonia in the USA.
      > At stake are justice and respect for the property rights of your
      members whose families lost property in eastern Poland during the war.
      > They have only one month in which to register their interest in
      receiving compensation for this land, and after 31 December 2008 it
      will be too late.
      > Information is found below and attached. Please contact me
      urgently if you have any questions or concerns.
      > Seaforth NSW 2092 Australia
      > Telephone +61 411 864 873
      > Stefan.Wisniowski@ Kresy-Siberia. org
      > www.Kresy-Siberia. org
      > PRZEWODNICZ¡CY, GRUPA KRESY-SYBERIA ul. Wi¶niowa 40B lokal nr 602-
      516 Warszawa, PolskaTelefon +48 22 5424090 fax +48 22 5424089Kom.
      +48 517 206 491Stefan.Wisniowski@ Kresy-Syberia. orgwww.Kresy-
      Syberia. org
      > FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Polish text follows)
      > Eastern Poland property compensation deadline approaches
      > WARSAW POLAND, Thursday, Nov 6, 2008 - - Although it has not been
      widely publicized outside Poland, the deadline is looming for the
      Polish government's offer of compensation for property left outside
      its present borders in connection with the Second World War.
      > This is in not related to restitution for property confiscated in
      Poland by the German Nazi and post-war Communist regimes. Rather, it
      is compensation offered for property left behind when Poland's
      borders were shifted west after the war. Poland's eastern territories
      were taken over by the Soviet Union in exchange for new western
      territories taken from a vanquished Germany.
      > Romuald Lipinski, a soldier in the Polish Army that helped drive
      the Germans out of Italy and who is now living in Virginia, says "it
      broke our hearts when our land was lost to the Soviets - we felt
      totally betrayed by our own Allies. We helped win the war against
      Hitler but lost our homeland to Stalin. But even though we could
      never return home after the war, we never forgot our Polish homeland.
      Now after all these years, we rejoice that Poland is free again and
      that it has not forgotten us either."
      > Almost 70 years after the war started, partial justice may finally
      be restored with the Polish government's compensation offer of twenty
      percent of the current value of the lost land and buildings. The
      compensation is funded by the sale of government property. Already
      nearly $100 million has been awarded to former residents of the
      Eastern Borderlands ("Kresy" in Polish) and their families for their
      lost land and homes.
      > Deportation survivor and current Florida resident, Marie Gaffney,
      recalls "The Soviet troopers came with guns drawn in the dead of
      night and dragged us out into minus 40 degree temperatures, with only
      a few small bundles of our belongings in my father's hands and me in
      my mother's arms. They deported us to harsh labour camps in Siberia
      and seized all our property. Our homes are gone forever, but at least
      this is a symbolic recognition of the injustice we suffered."
      > The 8 July 2005 Polish law provides for compensation on an equal
      basis for all pre-war Polish citizens leaving land outside the
      present borders of Poland due to circumstances surrounding the 1939-
      1945 war. This includes the deported families, the soldiers who
      served in the Polish Forces in the West, and their families who spent
      the war in refugee camps around the world.
      > Australian second-generation survivor Louise Blazejowska says: "The
      story of the Soviet war-time persecution of eastern Poland's
      residents is a little known episode in the history of World War 2,
      including mass deportations to "Siberia" that resulted in starvation
      and death, the seizure of property and the cover-up of the Katyn
      massacre. But the survivors of those tragic events and their heirs
      now scattered across the world are to this day in the dark about
      their rights to justice and compensation for their seized property.
      They must act now before it is too late."
      > Applications will be accepted only until the end of 2008. Mandatory
      preconditions include: owners of the property had to be Polish
      citizens in 1939 and had to have been living in Poland at that time;
      owners or their heirs must be Polish citizens now (citizenship can be
      confirmed if parents were Polish citizens); and inheritance rights
      have to be proven. Some description of the property must also be
      provided to determine its value.
      > Although the initial claim must be lodged in one of Poland's
      provincial offices by 31 December 2008, any additional supporting
      evidence can be submitted after the claim is registered, including
      documents obtained from various archives in Poland, Britain, the US
      and the former Soviet republics. The Kresy-Siberia Group has
      organized Polish and English-speaking volunteers to help applicants
      fill out and lodge their forms as well as with research, translations
      and navigating through administrative requirements. For more
      information, or to obtain claim registration forms, potential
      claimants can e-mail info@kresy-claims. org or visit www.kresy-
      claims. org.
      > Kresy-Siberia Group founder Stefan Wisniowski, Canadian-born and
      now living in Sydney, Australia, says: "For years, many Polish
      survivors were reluctant to claim money from their homeland as a
      matter of honor. However, many now understand that things have
      changed and that as a member of the European Union, Poland is a
      dynamic western economy that looks after all of its citizens' human
      rights, including their property rights. Others, who do not feel the
      need for financial compensation, may chose to donate their
      compensation payments to a worthy cause, such as the Kresy-Siberia
      Foundation which is developing a virtual museum on the internet to
      preserve their history for future generations. "
      > The Kresy-Siberia Group is the international special interest group
      of over 750 survivors of the Soviet persecutions and their 2nd and
      3rd-generation descendants. Its objectives are to research, remember
      and recognize the persecution of Polish citizens of all ethnic and
      religious backgrounds by the Soviet Union during the Second World
      War. As well as supporting property claimants with information and
      assistance, one of its current projects is developing a state-of-the-
      art "virtual museum" on the internet to commemorate this little-known
      chapter of the Second World War.
      > Media contacts
      > Australia & New Zealand:
      > Stefan Wisniowski
      > 61-4-1186-4873 cell
      > Stefan.Wisniowski@ Kresy-Siberia. org
      > UK:
      > George Neisser
      > 44-12572-79145 or 44-77379-98123 cell
      > Jerzy.Neisser@ Kresy-Siberia. org
      > USA & Canada:
      > Lynda Kraar
      > 1-201-947-2516 or 1-551-486-3772 cell
      > Lynda.Kraar@ Kresy-Siberia. org
      > Poland:
      > Aneta Hoffmann
      > 48-502-870-596 cell
      > Aneta.Hoffmann@ Kresy-Siberia. org
      > Ed. Note:
      > The "Kresy-Siberia Group" brings into contact people from countries
      around the world with a special interest in the tragedy of over one
      million Polish citizens of various faiths and ethnicities (Polish,
      Ukrainian, Belorussian, Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, etc.) either
      deported from eastern Poland (Kresy) in 1940-41 or otherwise arrested
      and sent to special Soviet labor camps in Siberia, Kazakhstan and
      eastern Asia. Some 115,000 of these were evacuated through Iran in
      1942 as soldiers of Anders Army and their families - and eventually
      made their way to the West.
      > The circumstances of their odyssey and the tragic history of the
      Polish citizens under Soviet Russian occupation during the war were
      hushed up by the Allies during the war to protect the reputation of
      the Soviet Union, an important ally in the war against Nazi Germany.
      Almost seventy years later the survivors have aged and many have
      died. The group brings together surviving deportees and their
      descendants to remember, learn, discover and spread the word of their
      ordeal to the world and to future generations. We can also provide
      you with "local" interviews.
      > Zbli¿a siê koñcowy termin skladania wniosków o odszkodowania
      > za utracone mienie na d. Kresach Wschodnich
      > WARSZAWA, 6 listopada 2008 r. - - Mimo, i¿ fakt ten nie by³ szeroko
      omawiany poza Polsk±, jednak¿e zbli¿a siê ostateczny termin sk³adania
      wniosków w odpowiedzi na ofertê rz±du polskiego dotycz±c± wyp³aty
      odszkodowañ za mienie utracone w wyniku II wojny ¶wiatowej, a le¿±ce
      obecnie poza granicami Polski.
      > Sprawa ta nie dotyczy zwrotu mienia skonfiskowanego na terenie
      Polski przez nazistowskie Niemcy czy powojenny re¿im komunistyczny.
      Jest to odszkodowanie zaproponowane za nieruchomo¶ci utracone z
      powodu przesuniêcia granic polskich po wojnie na zachód. Tereny
      by³ych Kresów Wschodnich zosta³y w³±czone w 1945 r. do ZSRR, w zamian
      za zachodnie tereny zabrane pokonanej Rzeszy Niemieckiej.
      > Pan Romuald Lipinski, ze stanu Wirginia, USA, ¿o³nierz II Korpusu
      Armii Polskiej, która pokona³a Niemców we W³oszech,
      powiedzia³ "byli¶my zrozpaczeni, gdy nasza ziemia zosta³a utracona na
      rzecz Sowietów - czuli¶my siê ca³kowicie zdradzeni przez naszych
      sojuszników. Pomogli¶my zwyciê¿yæ Hitlera, ale nasza ojczyzna dosta³a
      siê pod w³adanie Stalina. I mimo, i¿ nie mogli¶my powróciæ do naszych
      domów po wojnie, nigdy nie zapomnieli¶my naszej ojczyzny - Polski.
      Teraz po tych wszystkich latach, cieszymy siê, ¿e Polska jest znów
      wolna i ¿e ona tak¿e o nas nie zapomnia³a".
      > Po prawie 70 latach, jakie minê³y od czasów II wojny ¶wiatowej,
      propozycja polskiego rz±du dotycz±ca wyp³aty odszkodowañ w wysoko¶ci
      20% warto¶ci utraconej ziemi i nieruchomo¶ci mo¿e stanowiæ w koñcu
      czê¶ciowe zado¶æuczynienie ich w³a¶cicielom. Odszkodowania s±
      finansowane ze sprzeda¿y nieruchomo¶ci nale¿±cych do Skarbu Pañstwa.
      Do chwili obecnej prawie 100 milionów dolarów zosta³o wyp³aconych
      dawnym mieszkañcom Kresów Wschodnich i ich rodzinom.
      > Sybiraczka Bo¿ena Marie Gaffney, mieszkaj±ca obecnie na Florydzie,
      wspomina "¯o³nierze sowieccy wtargnêli z karabinami w ¶rodku nocy i
      wygnali nas z domu przy temperaturze -40 C jedynie z kilkoma
      wêze³kami naszych rzeczy osobistych niesionych przez mojego ojca i
      mnie tulonej w ramionach mojej mamy. Zostali¶my deportowani do
      ciê¿kich obozów pracy na Syberii, a ca³y nasz maj±tek zosta³
      skonfiskowany. Ju¿ nigdy nie odzyskamy naszych domów, wiêc chocia¿ to
      odszkodowanie jest symbolicznym zado¶æuczynieniem niesprawiedliwo¶ci,
      jakiej byli¶my ofiarami".
      > Na mocy polskiej Ustawy z dnia 8 lipca 2005 r. odszkodowania nale¿±
      siê w równej mierze wszystkim przedwojennym obywatelom polskim,
      którzy w wyniku II wojny ¶wiatowej zmuszeni byli opu¶ciæ ówczesne
      terytorium Rzeczypospolitej. Dotyczy to deportowanych rodzin,
      ¿o³nierzy, którzy s³u¿yli w Polskich Si³ach Zbrojnych na Zachodzie
      oraz ich rodzin, które wojnê spêdzi³y w obozach dla uchod¼ców
      rozsianych po ca³ym ¶wiecie.
      > Przedstawicielka drugiego pokolenia Sybiraków - Pani Louise
      Bla¿ejowska, mieszkaj±ca w Australii, powiedzia³a : "Tragiczne losy
      mieszkañców d. Kresów Wschodnich w czasie okupacji sowieckiej s± ma³o
      znanym epizodem w historii II wojny ¶wiatowej. Dotyczy to masowych
      deportacji na Syberiê, których konsekwencj± by³ g³ód i ¶mieræ,
      odbierania mienia czy ukrywania zbrodni w Katyniu. Cudownie ocaleni
      uczestnicy tych tragicznych wydarzeñ oraz ich potomkowie do dnia
      dzisiejszego nie wierz±, i¿ kiedykolwiek spotka ich nale¿na im
      sprawiedliwo¶æ i odszkodowanie za utracone mienie. Musz± oni teraz
      przyst±piæ do dzia³ania, póki nie jest jeszcze za pó¼no".
      > Wnioski bêd± przyjmowane jedynie do koñca 2008 r. Podstawowe wymogi
      uprawniaj±ce do z³o¿enia wniosku to : wla¶ciciele nieruchomo¶ci byli
      obywatelami polskimi w 1939 r. i mieszkali w tym czasie na terenie
      Polski; wla¶ciciele lub ich potomkowie musz± posiadaæ obecnie
      obywatelstwo polskie (obywatelstwo mo¿e zostaæ potwierdzone, je¶li
      rodzice byli obywatelami polskimi); prawa do spadku s± potwierdzone.
      Do wniosku powinien byæ do³±czony opis nieruchomo¶ci - jest to
      niezbêdne do pó¼niejszego okre¶lenia warto¶ci nieruchomo¶ci.
      > Chocia¿ wstêpny wniosek o odszkodowanie musi zostaæ z³o¿ony w
      jednym z urzêdów wojewódzkich w Polsce do dnia 31 grudnia 2008 r., to
      dokumenty stanowi±ce za³±cznik do wniosku mog± byæ dostarczone
      pó¼niej, po rejestracji wniosku. Dotyczy to dokumentów odszukanych w
      ró¿nych archiwach w Polsce, Wielkiej Brytanii, USA czy w by³ych
      republikach ZSRR.
      > Grupa Kresy-Syberia stworzy³a grupê wolontariuszy mówi±cych po
      polsku i po angielsku, którzy bêd± pomagaæ osobom zainteresowanym
      wype³niæ i z³o¿yæ wniosek czy tez bêd± s³u¿yæ pomoc± przy
      t³umaczeniach. W celu uzyskania dalszych informacji lub niezbêdnych
      formularzy, potencjalni wnioskodawcy mog± siê kontaktowaæ z nami
      drog± emailow± : info@kresy-mienie. org lub odwiedzaj±c stronê
      www.kresy-mienie. org.
      > Za³o¿yciel Grupy Kresy-Syberia - Pan Stefan Wi¶niowski,
      Australijczyk urodzony w Kanadzie - stwierdzi³: "Przez lata wielu
      by³ych polskich wysiedleñców by³o przeciwnych wystêpowaniu do swojej
      ojczyzny o jakiekolwiek pieni±dze, traktuj±c tê sprawê w kategoriach
      honoru. Jednak¿e wielu spo¶ród nich jest dzi¶ ¶wiadomych, ¿e sytuacja
      siê zmieni³a. Obecnie polska gospodarka dynamicznie siê rozwija, a
      Polska jako cz³onek Unii Europejskiej troszczy siê o przestrzeganie
      praw swych obywateli, tak¿e ich praw w³asno¶ci. Inni, którzy nie
      odczuwaj± potrzeby finansowego odszkodowania, mog± ofiarowaæ uzyskane
      pieni±dze na cel charytatywny, na przyk³ad Fundacjê Kresy-Syberia,
      która tworzy obecnie muzeum wirtualne po¶wiêcone upamiêtnieniu ich
      losów dla przysz³ych pokoleñ".
      > Grupa Kresy-Syberia jest miêdzynarodow± grup± skupiaj±c± ponad 750
      by³ych Sybiraków i ich potomków z drugiego i trzeciego pokolenia. Jej
      celem jest badanie, upamiêtnianie i upowszechnianie tragicznych losów
      obywateli polskich ró¿nych narodowo¶ci i wyznañ pod okupacj± sowieck±
      w trakcie II wojny ¶wiatowej. Poza wspieraniem osób pragn±cych z³o¿yæ
      wnioski o odszkodowanie, jednym z jej bie¿±cych projektów jest
      stworzenie "wirtualnego muzeum" w Internecie maj±cego za zadanie
      upamiêtniæ ten ma³o znany fragment historii II wojny ¶wiatowej.
      > Kontakty dla prasy :
      > Australia & New Zelandia :
      > Stefan Wi¶niowski
      > tel. kom.+61-4-1186- 4873
      > Stefan.Wisniowski@ Kresy-Syberia. org
      > Wielka Brytania :
      > Jerzy Neisser
      > tel. kom. 44-77379-98123 oraz +44-12572-79145
      > Jerzy.Neisser@ Kresy-Syberia. org
      > USA & Kanada :
      > Lynda Kraar
      > tel. kom. 1-551-486-3772 oraz +1-201-947-2516
      > Lynda.Kraar@ Kresy-Syberia. org
      > Polska :
      > Aneta Hoffmann
      > tel. kom. +48-502-870- 596
      > Aneta.Hoffmann@ Kresy-Syberia. org
      > Przypis: "Grupa Kresy-Syberia" ³±czy ludzi z ró¿nych krajów, dla
      których wa¿ny jest temat tragedii ponad miliona obywateli polskich
      ró¿nych wyznañ i narodowo¶ci (Polaków, Ukraiñców, Bia³orusinów,
      katolików, prawos³awnych, ¿ydów itp.), którzy zostali aresztowani lub
      deportowani z b. Kresów Wschodnich II RP w latach 1940-41 do
      specjalnych obozów pracy na Syberii, w Kazachstanie i na tereny
      azjatyckich republik ZSRR. 115.000 spo¶ród nich zosta³o ewakuowanych
      do Iranu w 1942 r. jako ¿o³nierze Armii Andersa i ich rodziny.
      Ostatecznie znale¼li siê oni na Zachodzie. Okoliczno¶ci ich odysei i
      tragicznych losów obywateli polskich pod okupacj± sowieck± w czasie
      II wojny ¶wiatowej by³y przemilczane przez aliantów w czasie wojny,
      aby chroniæ imiê ZSRR - wa¿nego sojusznika w walce z III Rzesz±.
      Prawie siedemdziesi±t lat pó¼niej Sybiracy zestarzeli siê, wielu
      spo¶ród z nich ju¿ nie ¿yje. Nasza grupa ³±czy Sybiraków i ich
      potomków, aby upamiêtniaæ, nauczaæ, odkrywaæ i upowszechniaæ wiedzê
      nt. ich tragicznych losów - na ca³ym ¶wiecie i kolejnym pokoleniom.
      Mo¿emy udzieliæ Pañstwu tak¿e lokalnych wywiadów.
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      suspicious email. Sign up today.
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    • John J. Rynkiewicz
      Carol, I seen this information on documents offered for bid at a place called R&R Auction from new Hampshire. I thought that the group might be interested in
      Message 2 of 5 , Mar 30, 2009
        I seen this information on documents offered for bid at a place called R&R Auction from new Hampshire.
        I thought that the group might be interested in this info?
        Here is what is being offered:

        Rare 1944 document signed by RAOUL WALLENBERG during his courageous efforts to save Hungarian Jews in the midst of the Holocaust



        Swedish diplomat and humanitarian (1912–1947?). After training as an architect at the University of Michigan , Wallenberg entered the import-export business. In 1944, through his business contacts, Wallenberg became First Secretary to the Swedish legation in Budapest . In this capacity he embarked on a tireless effort to save the scores of Hungarian Jews who were being deported to death camps at the rate of thousands per day. With the arrival of the Red Army in Budapest in January 1945, Wallenberg was arrested by the Soviets on suspicion of being a spy for the United States . After he was transferred to a prison in the USSR , Wallenberg disappeared. Though much-disputed official Soviet reports date his death to 1947, other research has suggested that he lived as long as the late 1980s, and researchers continue to search for the truth behind his ultimate fate. Rare partly printed and typed DS, in German and Hungarian, signed “R. Wallenberg” as Secretary of the Royal Swedish Embassy in Budapest, on an 8 x 13.25 sheet folded to make four approximately 4 x 6.5 panels, August 23, 1944. A two-language “Employment Certificate.” In full (translated): “The Royal Swedish Embassy herewith certifies that Mrs. Julius Heller, née Flora Hegedüs, is in steady employment with the Repatriation Department of the Embassy, as well as with the Swedish Red Cross. Budapest , August 23, 1944....” Heller has signed beneath her affixed photo; the document also bears several Royal Swedish Embassy ink stamps. Wallenberg signed the present document during the six-month period (beginning in July 1944) in which he devised and distributed thousands of “Schutzpasses,” a special official-looking (but essentially invalid) Swedish passport that granted the bearer immunity from deportation to death camps. As another of many creative measures devised to save Hungarian Jews, Wallenberg also opened an office in Budapest staffed with 400 Jewish volunteers who were issued “Employment Passes,” similar to the present document, granting them diplomatic immunity. This makeshift workforce was instrumental in assisting the overextended Wallenberg, who clearly recognized the urgency of their task in a memo titled “Concerning the Jews in Hungary,” drafted in the same month: “Rumors concerning the imminent deportation of the remaining Jews in Budapest continue to circulate, and August 28 [five days after the date of the present item] is said to be the starting date of the operation…. The earlier guarantee that Jews holding foreign citizenship would not be interned before September 30 has been rescinded, and the foreign legations in Budapest have been alerted to the fact that internment is scheduled for the 26th of this month…. Now that … protective documents have been issued, KEOKH [the state-run agency for surveillance of foreign citizens] tells us that [exemption] privileges will only be granted if a Schutzpass is issued….” The scene in Wallenberg’s offices is starkly described by a woman who aided in the efforts, as recounted in the biography Raoul Wallenberg by Harvey Rosenfeld: “We had to work around the clock because there was no other choice. Wallenberg set the tempo for those who worked with him. There were many times that we lay on the floor for an hour’s nap….” Mild soiling and handling wear, and official ink stamp to first two letters of signature (not affecting legibility), otherwise fine condition. American Book Prices Current documents only a single Wallenberg-signed item at auction in the last quarter century. A stirring and elusive treasure from this most resourceful and revered of humanitarians! JSA/John Reznikoff Auction LOA and RRAuction COA

        There was also two documents picturedm and I have attached them. I am not trying to solicity anything here but rather just present the information.  
        Sto Lat,

        Searching for Surnames:

        Rynkiewicz / Rinkevicius / Renkiewicz / Buckley / Chmielewski / Crake/ Hajduk / Hydock

         / Kilgasky  / Kopinski /  Merchelski / Michalski / Mislak / Niziol / Opachinski  / Reptak / Sieniewska  / Stanek / Stasiewicz / Szepieniec / Trygar / Tusack /  Vosburgh  / Wojtowicz

         / Waclawski / Woynoski /  Yarashefski / Zarzecky


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