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The Pogrom of Kielce

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  • Carol
    Has anyone read this, use the link to read more. Carol On 4th of July of 2006 the catholic people of Kielce in central Poland were again intimidated by the
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      Has anyone read this, use the link to read more. Carol

      On 4th of July of 2006 the catholic people of Kielce in central
      Poland were again intimidated by the alliance of Jews, liberals and
      postcommunist. They were humiliated because of the unvailling of a
      monument which falsely accused their ancestors of having acted as
      an "infuriated mob" and commited hideous crimes on the same day sixty
      years on some 40 Jewish victims. Ten years ago on the same day on the
      50th anniversary of the "pogrom of Kielce," the town had to listen in
      presence of a postcommunistr prime minister Cimoszewicz, to verbal
      abuse by Elie Wisely, the resident clown of the Holocaust Industry,
      as Norman Finkelstein appropriately nicknamed him.

      Now another supporter of the Holocaust Industry, named Jan Tomasz
      Gross , published a book "Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland After
      Auschwitz" (Random House), which is a part of the offensive by the
      Jewish World Congress to make Poland pay 65 billion dollars in
      damages to the Jews through JWC. The tactics of JWC were stated by
      Izrael Singer in Buenos Aires in Argentina on April 19, 1996
      according to Reuter (14.50.17 PDT). Thus according to a false mitolgy
      the Poles are accused of being partners of German Nazis in the
      killing of Jews.

      Gross, the Polish-born American academic who's books were never
      reviewed by the scientific community became successful when he joined
      the Hocaust Industry and made the Jedwabne massacre a notoriety in
      Poland and abroad with his book earlier book "Neighbors." He then
      recycled a Nazi propaganda scheme and now he recycled a Soviet scheme
      designed to justify Soviet postwar pacification of Poland in the
      book "Fear."
      In both his books, Gross, more a sociologist than historian,
      attributes guilt for the crime not only to the perpetrators, but the
      Polish nation generally. Gross falsely claims that "it was widespread
      collusion in the Nazi-driven plunder, spoliation, and eventual murder
      of the Jews that generated Polish anti-Semitism after the war."

      Gross claims that Poles feared the return of Jews from Nazi camps,
      hiding or exile, and wanted to eliminate them because they had
      witnessed "Polish betrayal of Jews" and could expose the "pure,
      unregenerate evil" that according to Gross separates the Poloes from
      civilization. The Jewis reviewers then exhort Poland to face up to
      its history and come to terms with its past and pay $65 billion
      damages to Jews. Gross offers little historical data to support his
      theory on the source of postwar anti-Semitism in Poland. Gross
      ignores a recent scholarly work on the same subject, "After the
      Holocaust: Polish-Jewish Conflict in the Wake of World War II," by
      Marek Jan Chodakiewicz (East European Monographs, 2003). Gross
      neglected to mention Poland's dire state in 1946. The brutal Soviet
      pacification of Poland at a cost of 25,000 to 50,000 lives and
      deportation in excess of 100,000, while at thet time the Jewish
      losses are estimated at 800 to 1500, some victims of common criminals
      and some killed as Soviet collaborators.

      Some Jewish reviewers of "Fear" assert that simply observing the
      genocide of the Jews made one guilty of "passive complicity." Wartime
      destruction of the Polish nation is not mentioned by Gross.

      In Reality "Pogrom of Kielce" of 4th of July, 1946 was one of some 16
      pogroms staged by the NKVD in the satellite states in 1945-47 as a
      result of Stalin's decision do use Zionists in establishing the state
      of Israel after the Second World War, which would serve as a "bone of
      contention in the oil rich Middle East. Thanks to the Soviet support
      for the Zionists 711,000 Jews crossed the Iron Courting, in 1945-
      1947 supposedly in order to emigrate to Palestine. Given a
      chance ,vast majority of Jews preferred to go to the United States or
      stay in France, and only 232,000 Jewish refugees actually arrived to
      Palestine to be armed by the Soviets with Czech weapons for the
      conquest of Arab land. Zionists alone organized pogroms in the Arab
      states and caused exit of 547,000 Jews from Bagdad, Damscus, etc. in
      1950-1951. In sum some 1,250,000 Jews were brutally chased from
      coutries of their residence in Soviet satellite states and from Arab
      countries. Some 779,000 Jews actually arrived in Palestine.
      In actual well-documented fact, Polish gentiles helped Jewish people
      in Poland extensively during World War II. This assistance included
      the hiding of tens of thousands of Jewish people in the homes of
      Polish gentiles, which put the gentiles' entire families at risk of
      death. Several thousand Polish Christians, including men, women, and
      children, were burned alive or otherwise summarily executed for the
      crime of hiding or assisting Jews. In no other country during the war
      were people subjected to death in this way for providing assistance
      to Jewish people. Three million Polish Christian deaths during the
      occupation constitute a part of the Polish aspect of the Holocaust.
      An exhibit in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in
      Washington, D.C., falsely presents events that occurred in Kielce,
      Poland, in 1946 as part of the Holocaust. It refers to the clearly
      Soviet-staged violence in Kielce as a "Polish pogrom." To many
      visitors of the Holocaust Museum, the exhibit by its very inclusion
      seems to suggest that after the end of World War II, a liberated
      Polish populace chose to continue Hitler's work of exterminating
      Jewish people. The suggestions of a Polish-led extension of the
      Holocaust are patently false. The Kielce Pogrom had nothing to do
      with the Nazi German-engineered Holocaust. It had everything to do
      with the Soviet-engineered strangulation of the Polish nation.
      Like all effective myths, those related to World War II have
      some elements of truth underlying them. In conjunction with the
      construction of these myths, though, actual facts and events have
      been distorted or misrepresented, and certainly the contexts within
      which they occurred have been falsely stated. Sadly, the distortions,
      misrepresentations and falsehoods are sometimes purposely and
      systematically advanced by those who feel a need to humiliate the
      Polish nation and members of the Polish ethnic group from around the
      world. On the flip side of the coin bearing the image of anti-
      Semitism is the image of anti-Polonism. The coin of anti-Semitism
      cannot be melted down and destroyed without also melting down and
      destroying anti-Polonism.
      I will state up front that I have a vested interest in the truth
      about World War II and its aftermath being clearly illuminated. I am
      a veteran of 64 months of imprisonment in Gestapo prisons,
      concentration camps, and death marches. My own ordeal, and the
      suffering and death of many of my Polish and Jewish friends and
      prison-mates, not to mention the sacrifices made by the young men who
      fought and died as soldiers, will have been rendered meaningless if
      the hatred of Jewish people by the Nazi leadership is simply replaced
      by hatred of Polish people by Jewish people, or vice versa. Those who
      even today perpetuate myths and misconceptions about animosities
      associated with World War II and its aftermath are not merely bearing
      false witness—they are willing accomplices to the spirit of hatred of
      World War II.
      I have seen, first hand, the disgusting, murderous results of ethnic
      hatred. I have devoted the latter part of my life to writing about
      the long-term coexistence of Polish Jews and gentiles within Poland,
      and am committed to trying to help diffuse animosities stemming from
      World War II. In this spirit of friendship and respect, I wrote and
      had published earlier this decade a documentary history entitled Jews
      in Poland: The Rise of Jews as a Nation From Congressus Judaicus in
      Poland to the Knesset in Israel. If World War II presented any
      lessons to the people of the world, it showed what can eventually
      happen if ethnic animosities are allowed to fester and grow.
      I will take the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Kielce
      Pogrom to discuss this event in detail and use it as a basis for
      discussion of the larger geopolitical situation. This study deals
      primarily with the results of Soviet-institutionalized hatred and the
      Soviet crime of provoking situations purposely designed to sour
      Polish-Jewish relations and was used make Poland a Soviet satellite
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