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859Help: GCPV3 – Polish suffering in WWII

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  • Jan
    Apr 11, 2013
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      Dear Group,


      Work has started on German Camps, Polish Victims booklet 3 in English.  The plan is late May i.e. approximately two weeks before the first mass transport of prisoners to Auschwitz to send 100 to 200 ((subject to funding)) booklets to the UK media.  The 20 pages + cover booklet will have 14 pages each on one major crime against Poland during WWII.


      The suggested 14 pages are:


      German atrocities during the invasion of Poland (1939)
      German and Soviet crimes against intelligentsia and clergy
      German and Soviet Cultural genocide
      German expulsion of Poles inside Poland
      Soviet Deportations
      Katyn massacre
      German Concentration camps
      German created Jewish ghettos
      German deportations to Germany
      German kidnapping of Polish children
      German ran Jewish Holocaust
      Massacres of Poles by Ukrainians ((with others such as Lithuanian massacres will be mention here))
      German atrocities during Battle for Warsaw (1944)
      Other German crimes e.g. forced prostitution


      I need help to write them, proof read, provided photos and help with the booklet.  Any offers?




      Jan Niechwiadowicz,

      Lead author of GCPV