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69Re: [Poland-speaks-out] Help with posting messages

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  • Carol Dove
    Dec 2, 2007
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        I know you can read this: LInders note:
      ( I can read what you post OK, but, everytimeI look at posting my own message, it all goes wrong? It keeps telling  to 'make a profile' - I fill in the form, send, the same form comes back blank, I can't keep asking you to post messages for me! Where am I going wrong?. Perhaps I'm not too stupid on Sundays? Help!)
      Let us know if any of this helps? LOL We'll get you in here. Carol
      While I have you in here, what page of the newspaper is the artical on?
      Thanks, Carol
      Buyukpinar <thymetrax@...> wrote:
      Carol I am able to receive in Yahoo; Below is a direct copy of  what my page looks like. Same as it looks when I receive  from Poland Speaks Out , Kresy Syberia and Social Polish Politics group sites amongst others.
      I do believe there is an option  setting where one enters to direct and receive emails in a prefered email address.
      I belong to  facebook and I always use Thymetrax@yahoo. com for my convenience. I also have a personal  email address as you know.
      I hope this information helps Linder
      pozdrawiam Krystyna Styrna-Buyukpinar- Toronto
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      Date:Sun, 02 Dec 2007 20:08:43 -0000
      Subject:[Poland-speaks- out] Help with posting messages

      I need some help, Linder cannot post the group. Is anyone else having
      this problem? I thought it might be due to not having Yahoo name. When
      I checked the settings it says post access on. Any suggestions? If you
      are not able to reach me here I also have Cadovehere@aol. com

      Thanks for any help, Carol

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