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645"Eye on Poland: Country at the Crossroads"

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  • Carol
    Sep 2, 2008
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      Eye on Poland: Country at the CrossroadsStory Highlights
      CNN turns spotlight on Poland during week of special coverage
      starting Oct. 6

      "Eye on Poland" series examines one of Europe's most dynamic countries

      Series focuses on business, politics, pop culture, sport, stag

      CNN viewers encouraged to submit their views on what makes Poland

      The story
      A nation with a proud past and promising future -- Poland's influence
      on the global stage is growing. A driving force in the new Europe
      with a skilled workforce spreading its influence beyond its borders
      and an economy increasingly attractive to foreign investors -- Poland
      is making its mark.

      "Eye on Poland: Country at the Crossroads" is a week-long CNN
      International series focusing on the color and contrast of one of
      Europe's fastest developing nations; from business and politics to
      pop culture. CNN offers a series of wide-ranging reports on this
      complex country tackling a time of transition; from Warsaw to Sopot,
      to Gdansk, Krakow and Lodz.

      Solidarity Avenue, the Chopin Monument, and the Palace of Culture and
      Science are just some of the backdrops for CNN's live broadcasts
      during a week of programming hosted from Warsaw by Fionnuala Sweeney.

      The week will include reports from around Poland by correspondents
      Frederick Pleitgen, Diana Magnay, Phil Black and Zain Verjee.
      European Political Editor Robin Oakley and U.S. Affairs correspondent
      Jill Dougherty will also feature prominently in the coverage. CNN's
      flagship business programme -- Business International -- will
      concentrate each evening on the personalities and companies driving
      the economy at home and abroad.

      CNN is encouraging viewer participation -- on-air and online -- by
      seeking people's thoughts from inside and outside Poland. Viewers and
      users will be asked to send their videos, pictures and comments via
      the Eye on Poland Web site on what makes Poland and its people