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443Re: The Renkiewicz Case

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  • Carol
    Apr 1, 2008
      Hi Jan and welcome to the group,

      Where abouts in Poland is it they started from and is this the last
      known location they lived in? With WW1 and WW2 many moved in 1920 to
      the Kresy area (now Ukraine) eastern Poland.


      --- In Poland-speaks-out@yahoogroups.com, "Rynkiewicz" <JJRynk@...>
      > Hi,
      > I am the son of Joseph Renkiewicz and the grandson of Jan
      > and the great grandson of Andrzej Renkiewicz and the Great great
      > grandson of Michal Renkiewicz. Michal was a farmer from Mscichy,
      > Poland. he married Antonina Modzelewska and had a son named
      > Andrzej.
      > I know nothing of their plight and of their existance only other
      > they did live in Mscichy and possibly Wasosz, Poland.
      > I am willing to learn of all there is to learn of there trials and
      > tribulations while being an oppressed people in Poland.
      > Through 15 years of research I was able to identify and locate the
      > area that my GGP's were from in Poland.
      > I am recently retired and my wife and I plan on visiting Mscichy
      > Wasosz and Zebry, Poland in the very near future.
      > I am welcoming and entertaining any converstaions concerning my
      > family and the areas that they flourished in.
      > God Bless,
      > Sto Lat,
      > Jan J. Rynkiewicz (JJRynk@...)
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