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442The Renkiewicz Case

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  • Rynkiewicz
    Apr 1 11:06 AM
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      I am the son of Joseph Renkiewicz and the grandson of Jan Renkiewicz
      and the great grandson of Andrzej Renkiewicz and the Great great
      grandson of Michal Renkiewicz. Michal was a farmer from Mscichy,
      Poland. he married Antonina Modzelewska and had a son named
      I know nothing of their plight and of their existance only other than
      they did live in Mscichy and possibly Wasosz, Poland.

      I am willing to learn of all there is to learn of there trials and
      tribulations while being an oppressed people in Poland.

      Through 15 years of research I was able to identify and locate the
      area that my GGP's were from in Poland.

      I am recently retired and my wife and I plan on visiting Mscichy and
      Wasosz and Zebry, Poland in the very near future.

      I am welcoming and entertaining any converstaions concerning my
      family and the areas that they flourished in.

      God Bless,

      Sto Lat,

      Jan J. Rynkiewicz (JJRynk@...)
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