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360Re: [Poland-speaks-out] Re: Help: Arriving at the notorious Polish concentration camp

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  • Krystyna
    Mar 2, 2008
      I had asked because of certain Filters that might be
      used to spread propaganda under the guise of "Ops! I
      made a mistake" and we will retract the statements or
      we will not.

      Jan I am not that good at explanining the said model
      therefore I am enclosing some material written about
      the propaganda model which is a theory advanced by
      Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky that alleges
      systemic biases in the mass media and seeks to explain
      them in terms of structural economic causes.

      For further explanation of these Terms please visit
      the web sites below;




      --- Jan Niechwiadowicz
      <jan_niechwiadowicz@...> wrote:

      > Dear Krystyna,
      > >>Would you state that the articles might reflect
      > the opinions of
      > the majority of those readers and/or advertisers in
      > some of the
      > publications?
      > Speaking as someone who almost daily is involved in
      > actions to
      > correct bad articles in the media, I would say that
      > the vast
      > majority of cases it is poor grammar or lack of
      > knowledge by the
      > media There are some publications, e.g. the New
      > Year Times, which
      > do not fairly treat the complaints.
      > Here in the UK, the readers are largely ignorant of
      > matters related
      > to Poland. They believe what they read hence it is
      > so important to
      > ensure the story is as factually correct as
      > possible.
      > It hard to say what advertises would think as they
      > rare get involved
      > in debating such issues. It is not in their
      > interest to upset the
      > Polonia especially where it is large such as in
      > America.
      > Regards
      > Jan Niechwiadowicz, Cardiff

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