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  • Val John
    Nov 30, 2009

      by Val John Jennings

      Pride is defined as something bad
      but, a proud father is this dad.
      So I must avoid the haughty look
      (or so I read it in The Book.)

      So I'll just be grateful and admire
      the truth and virtue to which you aspire.
      I'll be filled inside with
      the warmth of love. (The Comforter is from above.)

      When children walk in Godly ways,
      Parents sing a Godly praise,
      and humbly thank all who have shown
      our children that we are not alone.

      When children fall, and they all do,
      we hurt inside - start feeling blue,
      but faith in youth will pull us through.

      Change can come, and children grow.
      For us it seems so awfully slow.
      My pride is in my genetic clan.
      My joy's found there, where it all began.