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  • Val John
    Nov 30, 2009

      by Val John Jennings

      To care about another is to feel a gentle love
      for one is fondly thought of in celestial realms above.
      We are told that angels rejoice in our success.
      To have a loving friendship is eternal at it's best.
      For a union of two spirits or a blending of two minds
      is everlasting friendship when two hearts are so entwined.
      So infused in comfort for the other is our drive,
      that we forget ourselves as we keep this love alive.
      Unselfish in our actions, we embrace celestial truth,
      and favor the eternal as we choose the things of worth.
      Yes, friendship is a harvest of good deeds that seed in faith.
      And love is the flower that has bloomed in heart and place.
      The fragrance is the pleasure that is felt when love has grown.
      A prize, indeed, has developed from the beauty that is shown.
      We have become much better as we grow to full embrace,
      For love for one another is written in our face.