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  • Val John
    Nov 30 3:31 PM

      by Val John Jennings

      Zion is a place apart
      from worry, sin, and fear.
      Zion is for the pure in heart.
      Zion is quite near.

      Zion can fill all our land,
      from sea to shining sea.
      Zion can be a little band
      made up of you and me.

      Zion is where the righteous dwell.
      It's more than time and space.
      Zion welcomes all the earth
      the entire human race.

      "Come unto Me!" the Savior said.
      "Come, and enter in."
      He beacons us to follow.
      We must abandon sin.

      Once Zion fled away.
      A city taken home.
      Away from sinful folks who stray.
      A world left alone.

      Then came a flood of cleansing.
      An ark thereon preserved.
      A family carried forth to claim
      all that man deserves.

      So we look forth to Zion.
      It will return again.
      But Zion is the pure in heart
      the city's celestial twin.

      A city filled with people
      who have a common goal
      united in righteousness
      to make it's people whole.