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143He Walked

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  • Val John
    Nov 30, 2009
      He Walked

      by Val John Jennings

      He walked upon the water.
      He calmed the raging sea.
      He suffered in Gethsemane.
      He died for you and me.
      Jesus, the Wonderful Counselor,
      Jesus, the risen Lord,
      Jesus, the perfect example,
      Jesus, the adored.
      You can follow His teachings.
      You can feel His love.
      You can give comfort to others.
      You can feel peace from above.
      I feel His friendship envelop.
      I know He embraces me, still.
      I come to Him humble, obedient.
      "Yes, Blessed Master, I will."
      They all await His coming,
      to bring in a millenium of peace.
      May we all choose to assist Him
      May His wonders never cease.