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136December Dreams

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  • Val John
    Nov 29, 2009
      December Dreams

      by Val John Jennings

      The weather is quite warm this year.
      We've gone 60 days without rain.
      The mornings are cool but in the afternoon
      it feels like early fall again.
      \Officially, on the calendar,
      we have a week to go.
      But December ought to be cold,
      with a little snow.
      \A wonderland to treasure,
      memories of sleds,
      snowball fights and snow angels,
      and quilts upon the beds.
      \Christmas is a joyful time,
      (my memories are old).
      As I reflect on childhood,
      I just loved the cold.
      \I do enjoy a blanket,
      and hope it will be so.
      May God blanket the green grass
      with a Christmas snow.