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135The Snowman

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  • Val John
    Nov 29, 2009
      The Snowman
      by Val John Jennings

      The snowman stood in silence enjoying the winter chill.
      He awoke to observe the beauty seen from atop the hill.
      The couple who had come to ski took pleasure in their play.
      and, thus, created the snowman who watched them ski away.

      He felt the pressing sunshine, and, knowing he was fat,
      enjoyed the slimming process until he lost his hat.
      Then clouds and winter breezes saved him for another day,
      until the kids from Snowtown snowballed his nose away.

      His heart was born from sunshine. He could have melted from within.
      But brighter skies and warmer days reduced his girth again.
      He could be mistaken for a scarecrow. He'd lost most of his size.
      The birds who settled on his arms greeted him with, "Surprise!"

      He'd hoped to please the children, but his audience was lame.
      A forest full of critters was all that ever came.
      When it was nearly Christmas, he slowly melted away.
      His skeleton was a fir tree that had been impacted with snow clay.

      A father saw the little tree, when, reflecting in the sun,
      the snowman's sunglasses atop the tree had bid him come.
      Carefully, he cut it down. Then carried it home to be
      his family's to decorate for their own Christmas tree.

      Remembering the birth of Him who gave his life in love
      So we can, in gifts of service, bring our own gifts to Him above.
      So if you see some children unwrapping gifts under the tree today,
      remember, today's Christmas tree may have been a snowman yesterday!