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133Fathers' Day by Val John Jennings

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  • Val John Jennings
    Jul 24, 2009
      Fathers' Day's this Sunday
      and we are truly blessed;
      for on His day we remember
      that Father loves us best.

      Our paternal kinship
      may be soft and warm
      or long forgotten moments
      may leave us so forelorn.

      Fatherhood is certain
      for we were given birth.
      God chose a man to be in
      His plan for us to come to earth.

      Motherhood is sacred;
      for we are nurtured there.
      Fatherhood supports and builds
      if given gentle care.

      "Born of goodly parents" is
      fatherhood at it's best.
      The gift of life is honored
      and fatherhood is blessed.