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I Don’t Know , Walk In My Shoes, Precious The Cat

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    I Don’t Know (02 March 2005) I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know what I’m thinking I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2005
      I Don’t Know                                                           (02 March 2005)
      I don’t know what I’m doing
      I don’t know what I’m thinking
      I don’t know what is right
      I feel like I’m blinded by the night
      My mood at this moment is very low
      I don’t know where I should go
      I wish somebody would listen to me
      I wish somebody could see
      The pressure in my chest is so tight
      The tears in my eyes blur my sight
      Can’t you feel the way my arms ache
      I don’t know how much I can take
      I can feel my heart tugging
      Wishing for a bit of hugging
      I’d like to end it here
      To never again feel this fear
      To close my eyes one last time
      To exhale this last breath of mine
      To fall into a forever sleep
      To fall in so very deep
      To rewrite my own fate
      Before it is too late
      Written By Susan Ratliff
      Walk In My Shoes                                             (02 March 2005)
      Step inside of me for a day
      Come and live for awhile my way
      Feel all my turmoil and pain
      Feel my struggle to stay sane
      Feel the pressure in my chest
      Feel what it’s like to never rest
      Feel the ache in my arms so strong
      Know what it’s like to feel all wrong
      Walk in my shoes for a mile
      Living my life all the while
      Feel all of this horrible doubt
      And see if YOU can find a way out
      Written By Susan Ratliff
      Precious The Cat                                                       (28 February 2005)
      I lost a part of me one sad day
      My little girl saw Heaven and went away
      The things of this world were too much to bare
      She went to Heaven because life is easier there
      God gave her peace and comfort that day
      As he took her hand and led her away
      She left her cat Precious behind
      But another love Precious did not find
      I cared for Precious the way I knew best
      But the time has come now for her to rest
      My little girl with her Heavenly wings
      Came to gather her lovely earthly things
      She held her hands out and Precious ran
      She is safe now in my little girls hand
      They are once again together again
      One day I’ll grow tired and I’ll join them then
      Written By Susan Ratliff
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