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Re: [PnP] Larry O

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  • Steve Crook
    Thanks Don, I always felt he was unjustly maligned for that accent. Steve
    Message 1 of 23 , Dec 16, 2005
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      Thanks Don, I always felt he was unjustly maligned for that accent.


      Don Henson wrote:

      >I was recently at a meeting where there was a speaker from Quebec. His accent was almost a perfect replica of Larry O's in 49P. I suppose what critics were expecting was a French accent. But Quebec is not France. Just as Americans don' have an English accent, then Quebecois don't have a French accent. It does sound bizarre to our ears, and it took me a while to get used to it. Every time I talked to this chap I couldn't help think about 49P. I too found LO's accent weird but now realize it was spot on.
      >On Thursday 15 December 2005 23:24, Edward Ward wrote:
      >>As I have said before he could have been Blimp. I think we were saved.
      >>Is David Mamet a PnP fan? He is not a Larry fan..
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      >>I'm glad to see you're not having a go at Larry's accent in 49P Adriana.
      >>It's an easy target that many critics aim at. He did have a real French
      >>Canadian trapper as a voice coach and I'm fairly sure that they really
      >>do speak with that accent. Especially the trappers that have been "down
      >>North" for a while, their accent could well be more extreme than that of
      >>people from places like Montreal.
      >>He does seem like a parody with all those "sacre bleu's" and other
      >>expressions. It's strange because both Micky & Emeric were Francophones
      >>and I can't see any real need to make the character into a "comedy
      >> Steve
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