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47146Re: [PnP] AMOLAD on Radio4

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  • Steve Crook
    Dec 7 8:50 AM
      At least Francine Stock gave the final vote for film-makers beginning with 'P' to P&P  :)
      With a second vote to Jafar Panahi

      Nadia Denton started by saying that she initially thought that AMOLAD was a "Sci-fi fantasy"
      But Catherine Bray gave it a sprited defence

      Francine presented the screening of PT in London where Thelma & Marty turned up although her interviewing wasn't very impressive. She hadn't done enough homework  :)


      On 07/12/2017 16:40, Nick Dando nick.dando@... [PnP] wrote:
      The RadioTimes, and the Radio 4 website until a couple of days ago, indicated that it was going to be about AMOLAD, but they seem to have back-tracked.


      On 7 Dec 2017, at 16:23, Steve Crook steve@... [PnP] <PnP@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Aha, they do talk about P&P via Sally Potter's "Orlando" in their A to Z of film-makers

      We get the theme / overture from AMOLAD then they go on to talk about Orlando, Sally Potter & Tilda Swinton
      But then someone else makes their nomination for the A to Z of film-makers, nominating P&P, and then goes on to talk briefly about AMOLAD. It is a very brief piece about it though


      On 07/12/2017 16:02, Steve Crook steve@... [PnP] wrote:
      The BBC Radio4 web site says that Francine Stock will be talking about & to Ai Weiwei
      Artist Ai Weiwei reveals why he decided to make a feature length documentary, Human Flow, about refugee crises around the world and about his own life in exile.

      Also ...

      The Oscar winning writer of  The Hurt Locker, Mark Boal discusses the ethics of depicting police brutality in his latest docu-drama Detroit, which shows three police officers killing and torturing suspects during the 1968 riots. 

      Catherine Bray and Nadia Denton slug it out to get their directors into the The A to Z of film-makers.

      Comedian Rosemary Fletcher considers why there's only ever one woman in an action movie, and her task is almost always thankless.

      But we'll see if AMOLAD (or Blimp) gets a mention

         ;  Steve

      On 05/12/2017 09:35, Steve Crook steve.crook@... [PnP] wrote:
      Nick Dando reports:
      BBC Radio 4's The Film Programme is going to be worth listening to this coming Thursday, 07 December at 16:00 GMT. 

      A Matter of Life and Death, The Film Programme - BBC Radio 4


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