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Delta and the markets

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  • Robert
    One method I found to work great with GGU is Delta For those who never heard of The Delta Phenomena the basic gist goes like this: In the early 80 s an
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      One method I found to work great with GGU is "Delta"

      For those who never heard of "The Delta Phenomena" the basic gist goes like this:

      In the early 80's an author named Welles Wilder discovered a timing method USING the full moon in a unique way to forecast market turns DAYS WEEKS AND EVEN MONTHS IN ADVANCE!.

      the whole story can be found at >


      Several years ago I tested a few of the books methods but never found much do to back then I was forced to do all the research
      by hand

      It just took to long when combined with my other research to get that involved

      Recently I started testing Delta again but this time
      on GGU.

      The following file is a short and unsophisticated review of the short and medium term Delta points on the stock Disney.

      I had also tied together several other GGU timing methods showing similar periods along with unique price points.

      I feel at this point the Delta research may be a valid timing system
      but needs to be tested a little further. I also feel it must be combined with other GGU price and time methods to get a more accurate set of points.

      The file "Delta screen" was set up quickly by me and I did not highlight the color codes according to the book, nor did I take the time to set up the charts 100% which can be done by GGU's functions. The gist of the method however stay the same.

      I also have no monetary or personal affiliation to Welles Wilder or his research. I have just read about and tested several of Delta's methods.

      I found
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