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  • Al Dina
    I just wish I understood all this and how you used cycles in picking your horses but that would mean another seminar I suppose... ... From: Robert
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2010
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      I just wish I understood all this and how you used cycles in picking your horses but that would mean another seminar I suppose...

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      Fri...1/29/10 NY pick 3 evening number was 482!!.....i HAVE IT .50 CENT STRAIGHT FOR $250.00..... I bet it for afternoon and daily....so the total bet cost me $30.00.....! !!

      --- In PivotPointResearchI nc@yahoogroups. com, "Robert" <pvtpoint@.. .> wrote:
      > Another concept i like and have been doing dome research on is the pick 3 and 4 draws using key numbers along with root numbers...
      > A root number is any 3 or 4 digit number reduced to a single digit. As there are only 9 digits every combo will be reduced to a single digit from 1-9 .....
      > There are 111 combinations per root number in the pick 3
      > A key number is any single digit that has the potential of coming in as one of the pick 3 or 4 numbers itself....
      > After doing research on the root number 5 I came up with an average cycle repetition of : 2-6 draws, 10-15 draws, 22-24 draws and 1 at 55 draws....
      > Also as of yesterday's draw ( 1/28/10)we are at 10 without a hit so we should hopefully see a root 5 number coming in over the next 5 draws.....
      > Also going over the astro dates using one of my new pick 3 and 4 research program I found a key number that will most likely be an 8..... narrowing down the 111 combinations of the root 5 numbers to about 30.......the following are the root 5 numbers including an 8:
      > 068, 158, 248, 338, 689 and 788......
      > I will also try and narrow it down a little more........
      > But for now I would bet all the root 5 numbers straight for .50 ( 111 combo's ) and the other numbers with the 8 also for an extra .50 ( 30 combo's) straight....
      > That's a total of $55 and $15 ....or $70 to make 250-500 over the next few draws......or just bet the root numbers including an 8 ....that's $15x 5 to potentially win 250......
      > But Is it a sound money making system?..... well only time will tell but it is a sound percentage technique... ..
      > I personally use a similar technique at the roulette table with good past results

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