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Online Smallpox Exhibit Coming Sept. 2010 - preview

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  • aardvark
    http://www.whatscookin.com/html/college-of-physicians-launches-smallpox-timeline/   For a preview of what’s to come in the History of Vaccines website for
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2010

       "For a preview of what’s to come in the History of Vaccines website for theCollege of Physicians, check out this interactive timeline on the history of smallpox. You may be surprised to learn about the worldwide impact of this disease and the scientific breakthroughs that led to its eradication in 1980.

      Slated for launch in September 2010, the History of Vaccines website is intended to provide context and understanding of the ways in which vaccines work, how they have been developed, and the role that they’ve played in human health over the last few hundred years.

      Drawing historical information from the College’s renowned medical library and museum, the website will feature compelling and highly interactive resources and activities, including a game simulation that will help reinforce historical knowledge and understanding of the evolution of vaccines and their role on human health."

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