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25 New PhuLamers Checking in

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  • HowdyH@aol.com
    PhuLamers, In the past six weeks, the following 25 new PhuLamers have checked in. After the list of 25, you will find exerpts from their messages….more
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      In the past six weeks, the following 25 new PhuLamers have checked in.

      After the list of 25, you will find exerpts from their messages….more
      memories of that place we all shared a long time ago…….Phu Lam, Vietnam

      Bright, Gary 11/67 - 10/68 garysueb@... Severn, MD.
      Colvin, Larry 1/70 - 1/71 not on-line Gun Barrel City, TX
      Connor, John "Guy" 3/69 - 8/69 GuyConnor@... Philadelphia, PA.
      Fallon, William 11/68 - 10/69 fal-lon@... Methuen, MA.
      Gilliland, Michael 8/69 - 8/70 Mgill0292@... Wichita, KS
      Grimes, Gerald 10/67 - 10/68 geraldgrimes@... Sierra Vista, AZ.
      Holderman, Glenn 10/70 - 10/71 not on-line De Grace, MD.
      Hudson, James 1/72 - 11/72 HudsonJ@... Taegu, Korea
      Hunsche, David: 1/70 - 12/70 dhunsche@... Ann Arbor, MI.
      Ingvalson, Joe 2/68 - 4/69 jingval@... Kwakalein, Marshall
      Islands Jaudon, David 12/69 - 12/70 Yucatandav1@...
      Kressman, Donald 65-67 dkressman@... Daytona Beach, FL.
      Leuk, Bob leuckr@... Great Falls, VA.
      Orpin, Bob 12/66 11/67 boborpin@... CA
      Plisco, Donald 71 dplisco@... Tulsa, OK.
      Rodriguez, Antonio 4/67 - 4/68 school.buses@... Los
      Angeles, .
      Schlagheck, Rusty 68-70 SchlaghR@...
      Siler, Sam 12/64 - 11/65 ssiler@... Sicklerville, N J.
      St Clair, Ray 1/67 - 5/68 ray@... Raleigh, NC
      Tuure, John 3/69-3/70 ture@... Augusta, GA.
      Velez, Stephan 11/68 - 7/70 stephan.velez@... Tacoma, WA.
      Volkoff, Mark 67 -68 windlovr@...
      Waclawski, David A. 12/65 -12/67 not on-line Omaha, NE
      Wildermuth, Heinz 68 -69 HGWILDER@... Toms River, NJ

      Part-time PhuLamers:
      Paige, Emmett (General) 1964 EPaige@... Washington DC


      From: ture@... (john tuure)

      I served in Phu Lam from 69,70 at the tape relay.At the present time I live
      in Augusta Ga. I retired from the army in 74,and from civil service in 95.I
      have meet one other person that was there at the same.I saw Robert Hurst mane
      and remember him. I was suprised to see the BN on the inter net.
      I was there from Mar 69-70 I was assigned to the M&R section. Sgt Gary Kelly
      was the
      NCOIC until I came in.I enjoyed working with him very much. Lt Duham,and Msgt
      Finch were in charge.When Finch left I took his place.I have seen picture of
      the taye relay,but can!t remember the peoples names,its been a long time,I
      guess that we are all getting older.I sure enjoyed the PHULAM site I look at
      it a lot.Do you remember mcknight he was in charge of tty maint.I came off
      emergency leave,the relay was startint to close down,it was about the same
      time we had water problems and they put me in charge of the water hollers,we
      would to a eveac hosp and get water.I was fun while it lasted then my time
      was up.
      OLD PHULAMER.JohnTuure

      Letter from Glenn Holderman

      I was at Phu Lam from October 1970 to October 1971. I worked in the teletype
      center or comcenter. I appreciate hearing from you all and glad you got in
      touch. One of the memories I enjoyed was the bands that came and played in
      the EM club, The Endless Year. I have a picture of a lap dance then with
      Wylie Cantrell enjoying the fun. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you

      Glenn Holderman
      4156 Webster Rd
      Havre De Grace MD 21078


      From: ray@... (Ray St. Clair )

      Hey Howard

      I was there too!! January 1967 to May 1968. I was trained as a fixed
      station transmitter repair guy but of course didn't do that. I wound up
      writing the OpSum for Phu Lam for the 18 months that I was there. I extended
      in VN so I could get out of the Army 4 months early...unfortunately that
      included being at PhuLam for TET...but all went well...ignorance is
      bliss...and I got home in one piece.

      Somehow I ended up with a complete site map...official... of Phu Lam but it's
      way too big to scan in and probably would get me put in jail for something.
      However I do have several pix that I will try to find and get to you.
      Take care Ray

      From: fal-lon@... (Bill Fallon)

      Every so often I would type PhuLam into the key word section of my browser
      and would never get anything really relivant to the PhuLam Signal Battalion.
      Today, just on a whim, I did it again and found your site! What a great
      site!! It brought back so many memories. I served in Company B from Nov
      1968 to late October 1969.


      From: GuyConnor@...

      Hello Howard,
      Well, cross one more name off the missing list. I'm listed as SP4 John G.
      Connor, That's my official name but everyone then and now knows me as Guy
      I was in Vietnam from July '68 till August '69. I was assigned to the Nha
      Trang Sig Bn until early '69 (I think it was March). When the phaseout began
      there I was transferred to Phu Lam. I worked on the tape relay floor, mostly
      on the night shift.
      I bunked in the barracks that was right across the street from the EM
      club. I remember the night the rocket hit just outside. There was a big flap
      because the schrapnel all "disappeared"
      Thanks for the opportunity to relive those days,
      Guy Connor
      3981 Rowena Drive
      Philadelphia PA 19114

      From: school.buses@... (Antonio Rodriguez)

      To whom it may concern: I found this site today. I served in Phulam from 4/67
      to 4/68. I was a Computer Repair man. I worked in the data relay room. I also
      installed an IBM 360/20 (self contained in a trailer) that was part of the
      automatic message routing system. Worked with Art Mazarro, Will Docham, Sam
      Fredo, Mears and Hutch.
      Thank you. Antonio (Tony) Rodriguez.


      From: dhunsche@... David Hunsche

      I was stationed at Phu Lam from January to December, 1970, working as
      theAdjutant's Clerk (R&R and awards, primarily). Virtually our entire class
      from Fort Gordon (including an instructor) ended up at Phu Lam--way more than
      were needed in the communications center, so several of us ended up in
      S1/personnel (if you can run a teletype, you can work a typewriter).

      It was midway through my tour that the Phu Lam Signal Battalion was renamed
      Signal Support Agency Phu Lam. I still have a copy of the May, 1970, issue
      of the USARV Command Communications which spotlighted Phu Lam (some 46 pages
      with over 30 photos and diagrams). I also took great advantage of the photo
      lab and have dozens of B&W photos (that's probably an understatement) and
      over 100 slides taken around the compound and in and around Saigon.

      Just to update your records, here's my current address:
      2211 Ferdon Road
      Ann Arbor, MI 48104-6341


      Letter from Larry Colvin

      I was stationed at Phu Lam from 14 Jan 70 to 13 Jam 71. My MOS was 31J20
      TT Repair.
      I have memories of long hours until com center was running smoothly. The dog
      Suzy that roamed the perimeter at night. GI partys upon arrival. Being
      scarred to death upon touchdown at airport, and talking to myself on bus
      until calm and never being scared again.

      Larry P Colvin
      219 Maple Valley St
      Gun Barrel City TX 75147


      From: bstigen@... (Burt Stigen)
      Hi Guys,
      We will be leaving Louisiana on the 28th of this month, headed for Buffalo,
      NY. to the convention on 2-6 August. It's one of those "Buffalo or Bust"
      Keep us in prayer.
      God Bless
      Burt and Deb


      From: garysueb@... (Gary D. Bright)
      I was the OIC of Distra 4058, AUTOSEVOCOM Signal Co, Phu Lam Signal Bn,
      USA Regional Communications Group, 1st Signal Brigade from 18 November 67 to
      16 October 1968. The cc addressee, Gerald Grimes, was the OIC Maintenance of
      the Talk Quick then SECORD sections of AUTOSEVOCOM. Then CW2 Marlin Hammel
      was there also. I really do not remember too many names as everyone came and
      went quickly it seemed. I do remember Kevin Halley was either the Personnel
      Warrant or the Supply Warrant for Phu Lam while I was there. Gerry and I
      went through the TET Offensive together and we could tell you some stories
      about that time frame.

      I still have the patches, shoulder devices and other stuff. The National
      Cryptologic Museum at Fort Meade, MD is having a Vietnam corner. My story
      about theTET offensive is on the wall as well as some pictures of the TALK
      QUICK switch and the FTC 31 switch. Had some other pictures as well.


      Mark Volkoff windlovr@...

      Mark Volkoff ... former Autosevocom - Autodin grunt and Phu Lam photo lab
      volunteer operator reporting!

      WOW! What a find! You said I was missing! And, I was! Who would ever
      guess Phu Lam would have a web site??? I really enjoyed checking out all the
      photos. And, if you want 'em I've got a zillion more! I have many B&W and
      color slides taken during my year "in country" I'm terrible at putting dates
      on past times, but the tet offensive was at
      about the 2/3rds point of my tour. I organized two full slide trays into a
      two projector dissolve show way back when I was taking photo classes under
      the GI Bill.

      I did a quick scan of a "memory" I think many of my buddies must have ....
      Filipino (sp?) entertainers who performed for a OVER-PACKED house in the
      enlisted mens club.! This was from one of two events that I remember. I
      have an absoultly AWESOME crowd reaction short at the the grand finiale of
      one bump and grind act. You'll bust a gut when you see it! But, it's on a
      slide so you'll have to wait for that one.


      From: Joe Ingvalson <jingval@...>

      I was there from February 1968 to April 1969 working mostly as a 32Delta and
      Trick Chief in ADK Tech Control.

      Stephan Velez stephan.velez@...

      I was station in Phulam from 5Dec 1968 thru July 6,1970. I was in training
      with Philco-Ford for 6 months working on the AUTODIN Fixed plant Tech
      control as a Fixed Plant carrier repair. I worked with "Smitty" John Smith,
      and extending thru until July of 1970.

      Looking for two Phulamers from nov 1968 thru july 70 that served
      with me at the Autodin site, Robert E.Lancaster SP5, and Walter Zinko
      SP5. All of us were 32E20,Fixed Plant Cxr repair. Walt was from Cal.
      and Robert was from North Carolina. All three of us went through
      Fort Monmouth,Nj. from Nov 1967 thru Sept 1968. Walt spent the last year in
      the Autodin supply and Robert was the top's driver.

      I read another Phulamer's message that asked about a guy running around
      with a 45 looking to put one of the TOP's away and asking if anyone
      remembered this and what happened:: Don was in the Autodin c company and was
      put under house arrest. We had the last set of bunks in the new barracks
      second floor with Zinko and Lancaster. He had a MP watching him 24/7. As I
      remember, he got a Dear John Letter from his Wife and Top wouldn't let him
      call or go home and he went off the deep end. He was a Golden Glove Champ
      from New York and had a hot temper. The end of the story was he got up from
      his bed to go to the John,The MP just sat there, when Don came out he went at
      full run out the back door and did a swan dive from the second floor,missed
      the fence and landed on his back. the last report I had was he lived but was
      never excepted to walk again.

      Another thing that I was involve in was driving the bus and the
      2-1/2 back from Cholon. One trip I was driving the bus and the MP escort took
      off without us and I tried to stay with them, took a circle intersection just
      before Phulam and got that bus up on two wheels....It sure got quiet in that
      bus fast!! The old man put me up for a 15 but had to drop it because they
      didn't go after the MP's. I never drove anything after that. ripped up my
      drivers license and refuse to even drive TOP around.

      Do you remember when they paved the front lot by the gate??? It was to be
      for a
      parking lot for incoming trucks, but security but a stop to it because it was
      too close to the high.. I ended up using it for a skating track for the last
      6 months I was there(jan-july

      "Donald C. Kressman" <dkressman@...> writes:

      << Howard,
      Yes I served at Phu Lam, 1965-1967. I was the first Medic assigned there
      and set up the aid station and got all the medics. The building across from
      the barber shop was where the aid station was back then, in the end of one of
      the barracks. I would go to the repo depot, Tan Sanut, every morning I could
      get away and look over all the incoming personel. I finally comondered 5
      medics and one ambulance. I sent in request for
      medical supplies and would get feild dressings and D5W saline solution by the
      cases, however that wasn't what I wanted or ordered. The aid station was so
      new and I missed some of the routing proceders suppy at Cholon didn't know
      who I was or where I was.

      I don't know when you were there but there had been two gates out to the
      main road. The inside gate was manned by USA MP's, the second gate was manned
      by Korean MP's, outside of that was manned by anyone that had the biggest
      gun. I remember one day I as in the gaurd tower inside the second front gate
      when I heard shouting. I dropped down behind the sand bags but peeked over
      the top. Thee had been a civilian Vietnames riding a bicycle on the wrong
      side of the road and the Koreans were yelling at him to cross over and the
      White Mice were yelling at him also but what they were yelling was beyond me.
      The guy started riding faster so one of the White Mice pulled his revolver
      and shot. The guy on the bike went sailing off the bike and out off the side
      of the road, he didn't survive the trip, 45's have a way of doing that to a
      person you know.
      Donald Kressman SP/5 E-5 Phu Lam 1965-1967-----USA 1962-1972---Home town
      Daytona Beach, Fl.

      End of Phu Lam Memories Part 1 of 2 July 22, 2000
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