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Re: Newbie agent Hello Kelly. Its been a while since I have reached out to you for help. I still am learning my way around being a rep but I have come so far. I am looking
Wendi Kaminski
Apr 9, 2010
For Chicago area people: ASPP visits Gordon Parks exhibit, You're In A special evening with ASPP at the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art - June 24th, Evanston, IL ASPP Midwest Chapter is kicking off our 2009 summer season with
Brigette Sullivan
Jun 1, 2009
On Linked In It seems that this forum has become much more active as a linked in group. If you have not joined, I do recommend it. Thank you for all your support! Kelly
kelly carson
Nov 6, 2008
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Re: Newbie agent Wendi, If you feel you need more photographers to represent, feel free to represent me. Rhys ... are: ( ...
Nov 6, 2008
Great entry about Art Buyers and Reps from An Art Producers Perspect Wednesday, October 8, 2008 Art Buyer Conversation I believe in being honest and up
kelly carson
Oct 9, 2008
STUDIO OPEN HOUSE - Ashton Worthington Hey All PIP-sters ... Just wanted to shamelessly promote the opening of the Ashton Worthington Studio OPEN HOUSE party we are throwing ... WHEN: THURSDAY,
Oct 6, 2008
Facebook a good way to network Well, if you are concerned about someone grabbing a very small low resolution file of yours, then simply put your copyright on them in a place that isn't easy
Sep 23, 2008
Facebook a good way to network Facebook, unless is has just changed them, has T&Cs that are rights- grabbing. MySpace's aren't great either, but they aren't as bad as FB. If you are going to
Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua
Sep 23, 2008
Facebook a good way to network Hi Everyone; I thought I would mention that I joined Facebook about two weeks ago and have found it quite nice. I was able to begin to find old friends and
Sep 22, 2008
Associate Rep position Associate Rep position I am posting this for as a favor to a friend, and would like to know if anyone is looking. Please let me know. The
kelly carson
Sep 22, 2008
ASPP NY event - October 14, 2008 Hello All, Here's an event that might be of interest: On Tuesday, October 14, 2008, the American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP) New York Chapter will
Sep 19, 2008
Check out Art Producers Perspective - new entry Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Creative Opinion - Responses
kelly carson
Sep 17, 2008
Looking for a hair stylist If anyone is interested in taking this job to build up their book, please contact Jose manuel arguelles . It is unpaid, but should be
kelly carson
Sep 12, 2008
Practicality of seemingly egregious terms & conditions In reply to "An interesting visual and marketing tool for all to ... There have been many people voicing concern on this and other newsgroups regarding what
Joseph Pobereskin
Sep 5, 2008
Networking & fashion Great networking tool. I suggest everyone check it out. They have a few events coming up too. http://www.nolchanetwork.com/ Nolcha Network is a global fashion
kelly carson
Sep 5, 2008
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Re: An interesting visual and marketing tool for all to explore ... Liza, I don't know if you found this, or an older version of these terms http://issuu.com/about/terms but also, keep in mind that you are uploading a pdf
Jorge Parra
Sep 4, 2008
Re: An interesting visual and marketing tool for all to explore In response to the post about Issuu, while it may have changed, the last time I checked, the terms and conditions give the site unlimited use to your images,
Liza L. Richards
Sep 4, 2008
An interesting visual and marketing tool for all to explore Dear all, this is probably my first post in this list. This is photographer Jorge Parra, based in Miami. You may find out more about me in my launch pad,
Jorge Parra
Sep 4, 2008
Re: Linked In discussion features lets do linked in great networkingsite  groetjes Edwin Molenaar ... From: Ralph Lemarechal To:
Sep 3, 2008
Re: Linked In discussion features But don't forget twitter !!!!
Ralph Lemarechal
Sep 3, 2008
Re: Linked In discussion features I second the motion for LinkedIn. ... From: Barry Berenson Subject: Re: [PhotographyIndustryProfessionals] Linked In discussion features To:
Laurie Lozano
Sep 3, 2008
Barry Berenson
Sep 3, 2008
Linked In discussion features NEW! Your groups now have discussion features. Visit one of your groups to gets started discussing topics of mutual professional interest. Would everyone
kelly carson
Sep 3, 2008
Re: Consulting you're welcome. good luck. ... From: Barry Berenson ... Thanks for your detailed answer. They are shooting for catalogs and they already
    Aug 22, 2008
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    Re: Consulting Thanks for your detailed answer. They are shooting for catalogs and they already have a staff photographer/designer whom is doing an admirable job with the
    Barry Berenson
    Aug 22, 2008
    Re: Consulting Very thorough answer...nice On 8/22/08 1:59 PM, "brooks.doug@..."
    Kelly Carson
    Aug 22, 2008
    Re: Consulting the rule of thumb is to charge as much as they can handle if that amount works for you. Knowing that amount, priceless. (as they say) They need to detail what
      Aug 22, 2008
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      Re: Newbie agent Thanks Kelly. I will thoroughly look through this info. ...
      Aug 22, 2008
      Consulting A small costume jewelry distributor wants me to consult with them on putting together a small bare bones digital studio for shooting jewelry. This will include
      Aug 22, 2008
      Re: Newbie agent So I had forgotten that I added a lot of these links to our links folder. The main sources that I use for this type of information are: ( I hand picked a few
      kelly carson
      Aug 22, 2008
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