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  • Dugger, Leland (Staff - duggerjl)
    Hour 1: http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=145875 Hour 2: http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=145886 Hour 3:
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      In Hour 1:  Phil kicks off the show announcing that he's wasted, and that he took a tab of Orange Sunshine.  David G. Hall calls in to tell Phil to quit pretending that he's stoned.  After talking with David G. Hall, he talks about the alcohol problems within the Bush family, specifically George W's daughters.  Phil talks about the story where military jets escorted a plane to LaGuardia airport and about Indians.  He takes a call from a listener and talks about Carl Pollad, who was voted by ESPN as being one of the greediest owners in sports.  The hour closes as Phil talks about some past jobs he had.
      In Hour 2:  Phil talks about Samantha Runyon, another child who has been abducted, and the fact that we need to become a country that looks out for each other and not just ourselves.  Dean Wheeler, with CASE (Children Alert, Safe and Educated) talks to Phil about the workshops he's conducting to help prevent kids from being abducted.  Dean became interested in this because he used to abduct children for the black market, helping people who couldn't have children get children.  Now he's creating "a little secret army of kids who will resist adult abductors and will resist the stupid reasoning of adults."  Following the flashback, Phil quickly runs through the different branches of the Citizens' Auxilliary Police.
      In Hour 3:  Lloyd Bonifide is on to talk about how the Taliban is influencing the youth of America.  Lloyd went to a local pool and saw kids with towels around their heads.  To clear the pool, he floated a Baby Ruth in the swimming pool (a la CADDYSHACK) and burned their towels.  Following the flashback, Phil discusses Alyia's plane crash and the possibility that the pilot was under the influence and his own flying experiences.  Bud joins the show to read the "Uplifting Email of the Day."  David G. Hall calls in to explain to Phil that he's changed his name to "Slappy Hendrie."  Referring to a news article, Phil talks about whether or not Bin Laden really is dead.  The show ends with a call from a listener. 
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