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  • Thank you - I will look into that this week!! Fingers are crossed that there will be matches!
    familyhunter57@... Apr 2
  • My grandmother Helen Robertson Ogston was born in Peterhead in 1888. Her ancestors are a mix of last names, Stevenson, Simpson, Mackie etc. I have just had my DNA tested with ancestry and it shows where I have 75 4th cousins match and over 9000 5-8th cousins as a match. 9000 is an overwhelming number and not everyone has posted a tree to check for connections. I have just found one...
    familyhunter57@... Apr 1
  • David Craig married Ann Maria Milne on Jan 2 1872 in Peterhead. Does anyone access to those records. I need to know who David's parents were. Does anyone have this couple in their family tree? Many Thanks!!! Susan
    familyhunter57@... Feb 15, 2014
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  • I just found this posted. Bob Dunlop is asking for help in identify these people. Pictures of people seem to be from Peterhead. http://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=peterhead
    familyhunter57@... Dec 30, 2013
  • Hi Malcolm, Just found this site - perhaps it could help. http://newspapers.nl.sg/Default.aspx Let us know how you make out! Cheers Susan --- In Peterhead@^$1, "Malcolm Simpson" wrote: > > To Susan and Mary Robertson, > The mystery is I don't have a name that is what I'm trying to ascertain. > He would be a seafarer from Peterhead although not a direct Uncle but someone close to...
    familyhunter57 Apr 24, 2013
  • I am hoping that some kind soul can help me with this. I have just been able to access the old newspapers and found this article. Ship Captain Drowned off Peterhead The Peterhead vessel Perseverance has arrived at that port, coal laden from Sunderland, and reports that on the 29th ult., when 20 miles off Peterhead the master Craig got entangled in the ropes, was thrown overboard...
    ogstonfamilyresearcher Feb 18, 2013
  • The archivists at Hudson Bay Company are putting employee data sheets on line. This is a work in progress and they have many more to go. I did find the following Peterhead Men. Captain Alexander Murray http://www.gov.mb.ca/chc/archives/hbca/biographical/m/murray_alexander.pdf John William Murray http://www.gov.mb.ca/chc/archives/hbca/biographical/m/murray_john-william.pdf John...
    ogstonfamilyresearcher Feb 2, 2013
  • For those of you who may not be aware ancestry.com has released some masters and mates certificates. I just did a search with no name but born in Peterhead and there were 1407 different certificates!!! The earliest date of birth that I saw was 1809 up to about 1870. Cheers Susan
    ogstonfamilyresearcher Oct 8, 2012
  • Malcolm - please contact me at familyhunter57(at)gmail.com. I have found more information on our growing Simpson family!!! Cheers Susan --- In Peterhead@^$1, "Malcolm Simpson...
    ogstonfamilyresearcher Jul 12, 2011
  • •Nearly 19,000 records commencing 1869 for Constitution Hill Cemetery in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire are immediately available on www.deceasedonline.com. The records include digital scans of mortality registers which are rich in detail and include full names, designations of heads of families, occupations, causes of death, places of death, addresses, ages and grave references. •Over...
    ogstonfamilyresearcher May 22, 2011